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Installation Instructions for A320-X (FSX)

Lefteris Kalamaras

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Lefteris Kalamaras

How to install the A320-X if you are having issues

The below process was a repetitive thing we did on every new beta version of what you now enjoy and it always made sure there were no remainders from previous versions.

1. Keep your serial number handy in a text file or similar for the installation.

2. Uninstall both Resources and Binaries if you have installed them before.

3. Reboot

4. Go and delete manually any remaining stuff from FSLabs folder in FSX and the A320-X aircraft folders if it still exists in SimObjects\Airplanes folder. No need to Delete saved flights in \Documents (as long as you have kept back up of same filename panel states FSLabs Data folder)

5. This is not a must but just a health check just in case: Check

C:\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\<simulator company>\<your simulator>\ file DLL.XML

C:\ProgramData\<simulator company>\<your simulator>\ file DLL.XML

that there are no remaining FSL....DLL entries in the .XML file.

if there are delete their portion of the .XML and resave it.

If you have two DLL.XML files in the two above locations make sure there are no entries for same DLL in both (general rule, not FSL related).

6. Temporarily disable any antivirus or blocking software.

7. Install new version of A320-X Resources and then Binaries (right click -> as administrator). Pay attention to Installer instructions on its screen regarding folders and what is destined for the simulator folder and what not.

8. Reboot.

9. Install FSLSpotlights (right click -> as administrator)

10. Since you have rebooted, the antivirus or blocking software is now active. Go ahead and exclude the following from the antivirus checking process:

  • <Sim>\Simobjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A32X\FSL_A32XX.dll
  • c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\Local\FlightSimLabs folder

11. [Just a housekeeping thing] Delete the C++ Redist installation remainder junk files (careful not any folders from C: !, the junk files only) that reside in the root of your C:\ drive. These are useless remaining files from installation that cannot be avoided in being created during the A320-X installation.


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Also - recommended way on loading the FSL A320X -

1. Have the Trike as your default saved flight in FSX / FSX-SE.

2. Load FSX / FSX-SE using the above default flight (at the airport of your choosing).

3. Power down the Trike if you want the A320X in a C&D state or leave it's engine running if want the A320X loaded with its engines running.

4. Load the A320X of your choice.

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Markus Burkhard
19 minutes ago, Finaly said:

Is there a way to get 2d panels without reinstalling?

No. If you have opted for the VC only installation, then you will have to re-install to get 2D panels.

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Lefteris Kalamaras
22 minutes ago, D@NREIS said:

Hello Lefteris, how can I download the updated version?


Best regards


What updated version? We only released v1.0.1.170 to Early Adopters yesterday :).

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38 minutes ago, Lefteris Kalamaras said:

What updated version? We only released v1.0.1.170 to Early Adopters yesterday :).

Ah ok, because I actually installed the A320 but my sim crashes during the loading of the aircraft, and I read the topic of this tread related to install issues. 

Thank you very much

Best regards 

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Christian Urban


Nice Bird thx! Yesterday i fly with Him from barca LEBL to LEPA with no prob! Today  start the fsx then i have this issue ! :mellow::blink::wacko:


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