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Landing Concorde at KJFK

Jip van Kuijk

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Jip van Kuijk

I flew an Air France concorde from LFPG to KJFK, however most of the time arriving at KFJK I get OOM issues (this time my game didn't crash but was on the brink of) I don't have this with other 'heavy' addon airplanes like the PMDG 777 or 737NGX. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on this.

What I have been doing is just before the T/D I save the game quit the game and reload it, this always fixes the OOM errors for me leaving me with about 400MB headroom at touchdown. But I rather don't do this because I fly with FSpassengers and the FSpassengers state does not save with the game when you save the game meaning I would have done the flight 'for no purpose' if you know what I mean. :)

What are your guys approaches to this problem? 

P.S. here's the recording of my descend and landing. 


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Lefteris Kalamaras

It's all a matter of correctly managing your add-ons to ensure you have what is necessary for the type of flight you are making.

For example, flying a Piper Cub around, you'd like to pay attention to details on ground, lovely terrain sceneries, individual grass blades even, etc.

That does not make any sense to have enabled when flying a Concorde - you can't see those details at any time and all they do is take up valuable memory space.

Focus your attention to utilities like SimStart which allow you to enable/disable such features (and sceneries in between your departure and arrival airports) for each flight. They also allow you to set up scenarios and have them available at the click of a button.

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What add-ons are you using?

From my experience, I can tell you that running ORBX Vector with everything activated + AI traffic with hundreds of airplanes + setting the LOD radius at 6.5 (ultra) can easily add a whopping 1000 MB (!) to the VAS consumption - and this does not include detailed add-on airports.

I would say, limiting your LOD radius to 4.5 is the first step, which can save over 300 MB. As for the rest, you would need to list your add-ons so that further options can be evaluated.

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