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If You're Having Issues And/or Need Support...please Help Us Help You...

Bob L

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Fellow simmers,

When you are encountering issues installing, launching the sim and or using Concorde-X the development team and beta testers will do our best to respond and assist you the best we can. In order for us to properly and adequately assist you please help us so we can help you by providing the answers to the below questions when create a post for assistance.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND IN THIS SPECIFIC POST with your installation and/or support issues.

1. Windows OS version and whether 32bit or 64bit?

2. Sim platform and version number?
3. Sim installation path?

4. Did you disable your anti-virus software prior to installing Concorde-X?

5. Did you run the CIVA installer for each of your sim installations?
6. Did you reboot the PC after installing Concorde-X?
7. Are you loading Concorde-X in Window or Full Screen Mode?
8. did you DISABLE your antivirus prior to installing Concorde-X and CIVA (can re-enable after installing)
9. Is the Trike or Piper Cub the sim's default saved flight?
10. Running DX9 or DX10 and is the latest Steve's DX10 Fixer Program installed?
11. Any Visual/texture shaders mods installed, example Reshade or SweetFX, etc....?
(All platforms)
12. Provide detailed explanation of the issue your encountering.
13. All the 3 FSL entries in the DLL.XML file?
14. Did you install the latest FSL Spotlights?  If not, please install it.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, patience and continued support of FSLabs and Concorde-X.
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