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V1.41 (FSX) and V1.41 (P3D) Latest Status And Faq

Lefteris Kalamaras

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Lefteris Kalamaras

#### UPDATE 30 SEP 2019 - 1300Z ####

Here's where we are at the moment with outstanding issues identified so far:

- [Resolved] I am getting Enigma Protection Error in Windows 10 and Prepar3D v3.

Latest v1.41 release should not have any Enigma Protection Errors any more.

- [Resolved] My Concorde-X loads with black / blank screens and I see no gear in the external model.

If this is a first-time Prepar3D installation, ensure you have installed SimConnect redistributables as well.

Check that there is no simconnect.cfg anywhere in the "My Documents" folder configured to only use SimConnect remotely.

- [Resolved] Validation error 815 in P3D and/or FSX:

This issue has been resolved. Use the redownload service to download the latest Concorde-X installer. Uninstall the previous version, then install the new one.

- [Resolved] Validation Error 1044 and then the Sim closes.

A: First ensure you are running the sim *as ADMINISTRATOR*. If that's the case, try the following steps:

  1. Uninstall it and delete any remaining folders (FSLabs/Concorde and the three FSL aircraft folders in <SimRoot>\Simobjects\Airplanes.
  2. Delete the Flightsimlabs folder from c:\users\<yourname>\appData\local.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Install the Concorde-X.
  5. Check that your DNS name servers are set to and (Google's public name servers) like this:


- [Resolved] Installer crashes after serial number is entered:

Please uninstall ALL Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables from your computer and download and reinstall from here.

- [Resolved] FSX (legacy or Steam) API.dll (or FSUI.dll) crashes:

This issue has been resolved. Use the redownload service to download the latest Concorde-X installer. Uninstall the previous version, then install the new one.

- [Resolved] FSX full screen DX10 mode ADI redrawing issues:

This issue has been resolved. Use the redownload service to download the latest Concorde-X installer. Uninstall the previous version, then install the new one.

- [Resolved] FSX Steam mouse panning and alt- and shift-key or other keys inoperable:

This issue has been resolved. Apparently, this is caused by the Steam overlay that interferes with in-game mouse and keyboard handling and conflicts with advanced event handling techniques. We continue to be somewhat surprised that this is not noticed in any other add-on, but it is true that the Concorde-X complexity is on the top-end of the scale. Unfortunately, our emails to Dovetail have gone unanswered on this topic, but one of our FSX SE customers going by the username of Wauzi4 has found a solution:

1. On the upper left at Steam click on the dropdown menu "Steam" and select "Settings".

2. On the left column select "In-Game".

3. Untick the checkbox "Enable Steam Overlay In Game".

4. Now restart Steam (Go to the taskbar, make a right click on the Steam logo and close it.)

- Various small fixes in functionality:

  • Support for P3D v3.4
  • Fix for Engine start / 15% N2 in P3D
  • Fix for save/load flight functionality in P3D
  • Improvements to MAX CRUISE (to prevent descending unnecessarily)
  • Autothrottle improvements
  • Autopilot VOR mode improved
  • Autopilot VERT SPEED mode improved
  • Autopilot GO AROUND disengagement with HDG HOLD
  • ADI FD flag logic corrected
  • Yellow Hydraulic LP warning on gear extension now random
  • ICOVOL lower rudder indicator fixed
  • VFE Aft Trim issue fixed
  • Missing 'Alert Height Cat 3' call out fixed
  • Glareshield spotlights in VC added
  • Engine Idle Switches auto latch to High at 60kts
  • VFE fixes for acceleration climb logic
  • COM Radios now show 6 digits
  • Throttles set to full power with reheat (in flight)
  • Possible fix for IAS HOLD pitch up issue
  • AI airplanes jumping like crazy issue
  • INS freezing issue
  • Options not properly saving issue

These issues are all resolved in the latest installer which is available in the redownload service.

- [Resolved] eSellerate eDP still showing Concorde-X v1.2 download:

As of February 2016, we have phased out the eSellerate download protection system and replaced it with our redownload service instead.

- [Resolved] FSX Steam standalone (no FSX legacy installed side-by-side) installer issues:

Simply visit the redownload service to download the latest v1.41 installer - it should fix this issue as well.

- [Workaround] P3D running out of memory at high resolutions (more than 1920x1080) issues:

Edit Prepar3d.cfg and change PANEL_STRETCHING = 1 to PANEL_STRETCHING = 0. Then, start P3D in windowed mode at a lower resolution, load the Concorde-X and then expand to full window mode.

- [Workaround] Concorde-X stuck with hourglass spinning when loading:

If you own Milviz F-15E or other Milviz products, some customers reported that disabling the Milviz_pack.dll entry in dll.xml can restore Concorde-X functionality (link here).

- [Workaround] Concorde-X crashes with 100% resources loaded:

Please go back to NVidia drivers 376.33 as they are confirmed to work perfectly with our product line.

Thanks for your support, as always!

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Lefteris Kalamaras


I'd like to kindly request that if you have support questions that have not been asked in other posts already, please start a new thread - don't post here. In fact, I'll lock this thread for clarity.

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Lefteris Kalamaras


as you may have noticed, I've cleaned up the thread and edited the text to bring the topic up-to-date. The latest v1.31 Concorde-X installer is now available through our new FSLabs redownload service, it's the most current installer.

Whenever we have news on updates, I'll be updating this post further.

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