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Fsx Not Responding With Concorde X

Charlie Mck

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Charlie Mck


I have recently purchased the Concorde X which I am extremely pleased of I must say it is an fantastic product. However there is on problem that makes the Concorde X almost unflyable. I was flying on VATSIM performing a standard depature out of kennedy at I was through FL400 when I rebootings INS number two and around there was an annoying telephone like noise in which stopped around 5 minutes later and then at FL490 my flight simulator stopped responding. I applied the himemfix into the .cfg but when I tried again the same happened. My VAS Usage was around 2.2GB at the time and all addon scenery was disabled apart from the UK2000 Heathrow Extreme. At the time I was achieving around 25fps.

My specs:

Intel i5

8gb Ram

Windows 8.1 64bit

1tb HDD

24gb SSD

Intel graphics 4000 thingy

Hope you can help

Kind regards

Charlie McKenna


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