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Concorde X - Ins Knob Won't Move


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I'm unable to turn on the INS on Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I'm using Concorde X on Service Pack 2 and on the Operation System Windows 8.1

Everytime I go onto Concorde X and after it has loaded the Heathrow Airport. The concorde engines has already started I don't need to start it up from Cold. I seen a simple way of activating INS by pressing CTRL + I but every time I press it my game tries to load something then a message popup saying fatal error.

I try to do it manually by using the INS KNOB from Off to Standby but I'm unable to move it I have tried left clicking, right clicking everything possible but It won't move from the off postion...

The INS are just black there are no orange numbers in it nothing.

Please help I don't understand why it's working for everyone else but not me. I have reinstalled it about 6 times now and still it doesn't work!



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Andrew Wilson

Hi Luke,

It actually sounds like the CIVA INS isn't installed. Can you check you have a folder called CIVA in your FSX directory?

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