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Weather Engine Settings For Concorde X

Guest Paul Smith

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Guest Paul Smith

Some quick guides to avoiding some pitfalls with the FSX weather system.

Edit: 27 May 2014

If you are using Active Sky Next (ASN) then you can leave the settings, FSUIPC weather settings, Turbulence Scalar etc alone. ASN just gets on with it! :)

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Guest Paul Smith

FSX CFG Turbulence Scalar - Suggested Setting

1) Open your FSX CFG and find the line for Turbulence Scale, ensure that it looks like the line of code below. Its in the [WEATHER] section;


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Guest Paul Smith

Active Sky 2012 Settings - Many thanks to Ramón Cutanda

This helped me:


When using certain high-fidelity aircraft including PMDG 747, MD-11 or other high-sensitivity aircraft, turbulence effects can result in stability problems and potential s-turn autopilot hunting. Both FSUIPC turbulence effects and FSX internal turbulence effects (used by AS and FSX itself) can cause these problems. In order to minimize these harmful effects, it is recommended to minimize/disable turbulence effects in both FSUIPC (if in use) and FSX.

FSUIPC (if installed and FSUIPC wind smoothing/turbulence effects are enabled) - Edit These FSUIPC.ini settings:



FSX - Edit the following FSX.cfg setting (under [Weather]):


FSX – Using FSX options, disable all turbulence effects on the aircraft (you may omit this step if you’d like some turbulence effects despite further sensitivity issues).


These stability issues can also occur without the use of AS, however they can become more apparent using AS’s DWC modes and associated correction of wind parameters.

Recommend configurations:

Using PMDG MD-11, 747 or other high-sensitivity aircraft - For maximum wind aloft realism and smoothing with reduced turbulence effects:

-Follow the above configuration steps to minimize turbulence effects in FSX

-If FSUIPC is installed, disable FSUIPC wind smoothing / turbulence effects

-Use DWC (Direct Weather/Wind Control) within AS Options

Using other aircraft not subject to extreme turbulence sensitivity - For maximum wind aloft realism and smoothing with standard turbulence effects:

-Leave FSUIPC/FSX turbulence settings at default

-Use DWC (Direct Weather/Wind Control) within AS Options



Please note that the manual also says that registered version of FSUIPC should include control of wind shifts (per FSUIPC screenshots pinned in another thread below) but should disable all other weather. Personally I have found under DWC it doesn't matter and Concorde still ends up with "bank angle, bank angle" warnings and loss of control. I fly Concorde with AS2012 mode for Cloud Smoothing and that is with FSX.cfg turbulencescale setting of 0.3 rather than 0.5.

FYI: I have been using AS products for several years and finally found that using STANDARD settings on AS2012 gave me the most realistic weather at all levels (including high altitudes up to FL600) with no lag in wind/temp during climbs and descents. I use UT2 set at 100% and I can hear ATC clear traffic for landing. Wind smoothing settings (DWC) are fine but they only average the wind/temps aloft and use a global setting so if you are flying in jetstream winds say at say 150K the aircraft below you are trying to land in the same conditions! How real is that? I have a quad core with only 2.66G/core and a 1G video card (4G ram) and I have no OOM/CTD or slow downs when AS2012 updates weather. I use unlimited frame settings and average 35-75 fps. I only use default airports however but with all sliders 1 notch from the right and have never had problems. I want realism while in flight and any other AS setting requires compromises from that reality. I also have FSUIPC registered version to prevent S-turns.

My results with PMDG NGX are quite a bit slower but still very flyable in all scenery conditions.

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