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Concorde Tools And Utilities (Updated 21 Jan 2014)

Guest Paul Smith

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Guest Paul Smith

Concorde Flight Plans

BAW Concorde Flight Plans are available from Paul Haworths web site here

If there is a site for Air France Plans, then let me know, and i'll add a link to it.

Flight Plan Converter (CIVA AEDU Cards)

One of our customers (Dark Charizma) has created an excellent FP Converter that turns just about anything into a CIVA AEDU Card

The latest version is here

Take Off Calculator

While Andy puts together the FS Labs Concorde X Takeoff Calculator, User Pelusa has created his own, this is available at http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/file/144-concordecalc/

UPDATE - Pelusa has very kindly supplied the file for hosting here at FS Labs. He did so a few months ago but i've only just gotten around to uploading it here. Sorry for the delay guys! (Smiffy - 21 Jan 2014)

Descent Calculator

And for slowing down and descending at the other end, we are now hosting this excellent utility by Paul Campbell

General Aircraft Info

For general Concorde Information, the Concorde SST Site is very useful and informative

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