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Flying Concorde

Guest Paul Smith

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Guest Paul Smith

How To Climb Right

For initial climb/acceleration to subsonic cruise:

After departure, use PITCH HOLD and the up/down arrow keys to adjust the pitch to acquire VMO (400kts). You'll need to target something between 9o and 11o pitch attitude.

Once at VMO, engage the Autopilot in MAX CLIMB, and then press the ALT ACQ button. This will prime the selected (26,000ft) altitude and arm the Autopilot to capture it. Once ALT ACQ is pressed, turn on both Autothrottles - this will ensure that upon altitude capture, the Autothrottle will engage and hold the current airspeed (using IAS HOLD).

So, to summarise:

  1. Engage the autopilot (PITCH HOLD will engage)
  2. Use the arrow keys to adjust the pitch to acquire VMO (400kts)
  3. Select MAX CLIMB when settled at VMO
  4. Engage ALT ACQ to prime the selected altitude for capture
  5. Engage both Autothrottles, primed for engagment upon altitude acquire

For climb/acceleration to Mach 2:

  1. Dial in 60,000ft on the AFCS altitude window
  2. Disengage the Autothrottle(s) (Shift+R x2)
  3. Select PITCH HOLD on the Autpilot
  4. Advance the throttles fully forward (F4)
  5. Pitch up to 7o - 10o
  6. Engage the reheats in pairs (Ctrl+F4 X2)
  7. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to keep the aircraft at VMO (400kts)
  8. Once you're through Mach 1 (M1.03), select MAX CLIMB on the Autopilot
  9. At Mach 1.70, disengage the reheats (VFE will do this for you if selected)
  10. Select ONE Autothrottle to ON. I.e. AT1/AP1 or AT2/AP2. Do not mix and match!
  11. At Mach 2.00, or TMO (127o), the AFCS will engage in MAX CRUISE
  12. The Autothrottle will engage in MACH HOLD for at least 100 seconds, and then disengage
  13. If an overspeed is sense, the Autothrottle will become active to arrest the overspeed


You wrote:

In the manual, I read :

"Both channels are normally engaged, channel 1

having control authority and channel 2 being in a

synchronised standby condition."

So ? One or Two AT in normal conditions?



Normal conditions, two. When in MAX CLIMB/MAX CRUISE - only one.

Sometimes ATC (traffic dependant) cleared Concorde for no speed restriction below 10,000ft because they knew how much she yearned to get up to speed and into her elemant! Not to mention how much of a pig she was with the fuel at subsonic speeds.

Normally, you will not get to 60,000ft. In fact, 60,000ft was usually only achieved when flying in very cool air around the tropics (Barbados and Miami etc).

On a London - New York route, you'll get to around 56,000 - 58,000ft. Some flights during the warm summers didn't get above 49,000ft.

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