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Complete List Of Concorde Scheduled Flights

Brian Furlong

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Brian Furlong

When i first started flying concorde on FSX i liked to know the actual flight numbers and departure times, etc. so i could recreate flights as realistically as possible. After about a year of looking around I put together a list of concorde's routes,flight numbers, and departure/arrival times. I wanted to share this with you because i think it could be helpful. There may be a few issues but most of the info came from real world time tables. Please correct me if you spot anything wrong!

I hope you find this as useful as I did, LOL :)


1978 - May 1980:

BNF188/BAW188: DFW-IAD /Wednesay-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:08:30 ARR:12:00

BNF189/BAW189: IAD-DFW /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:18:40 ARR:20:30

BNF54/AFR54: DFW-IAD /Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:09:30 ARR12:00

BNF53/AFR53: IAD-DFW /Monday-Friday/ DEP:19:10 ARR:21:00

British Airways


BAW300: LHR-BAH /Monday-Wednesday-Friday /DEP:14:30 ARR:21:40

BAW301: BAH-LHR /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday / DEP:12:00 ARR:13:20


In coordination with Singapore Airlines:

BAW300/BAW17/SIA300/SIA17: LHR-(BAH)-SIN /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP LHR:15:30 BAH ARR:21:45 BAH DEP:22:35 SIN ARR:07:10

BAW301/BAW16/SIA301/SIA16: SIN-(BAH)-LHR /Monday-Thursday-Saturday/ SIN DEP:11:30 BAH ARR:10:55 BAH DEP:11:45 LHR ARR:14:05

(Flights from LHR upon reaching BAH became Singapore Airlines flights and Vice Versa. Early flights went under the 300/301 callsigns)


BAW173 LHR-JFK /Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday/ DEP:9:30 ARR:8:25

BAW171 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:15 ARR:10:10

BAW172 JFK-LHR /Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday/ DEP:10:15 ARR:19:00

BAW170 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00

BAW189 LHR-IAD /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:18:30 ARR:17:55

BAW188 IAD-LHR /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:12:50 ARR:22:00

BAW173 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:09:15 ARR:08:14

BAW171 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:15 ARR:10:14

BAW172 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:10:00 ARR:18:45

BAW170 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00

December 1987 Barbados Added for winter months and August:

BAW273: LHR-BGI /Saturday/ DEP:09:30 ARR:09:45

BAW272: BGI-LHR /Saturday/ DEP:11:45 ARR:20:00

(pre-2000: on occasion additional BAW1273/1272 routes were flown on sundays. BAW9077C would also on occasion, during

the winter months up until the mid 90s, operate a JFK to BGI flight.)

British Airways Summer of July 1st to August 25 1988:

BAW189: LHR-IAD-DFW /Wednesday/ DEP LHR:13:00 ARR IAD:11:55 DEP IAD:12:55 ARR DFW:14:25

BAW189: LHR-IAD-DFW /Sunday/ LHR DEP:13:30 IAD ARR:12:25 IAD DEP:13:25 ARR DFW:14:55

BAW188: DFW-IAD-LHR /Thursday-Monday/ DFW DEP:09:10 IAD ARR:12:15 IAD DEP:13:15 LHR ARR:22:00

British Airways June 14th to September 20th 1990:

BAW099 LHR-YYZ /Thursday/ DEP:11:25 ARR:10:55

BAW098 YYZ-LHR /Thursday/ DEP:12:55 ARR:22:05

(Washington services - May 1976 to November 1994)

(Bahrain and Singapore services - January 1976-1980)

(New York services - November 1977 until the end of Concorde services)

BA 1984-1991 extended services to Miami:

BAW189: LHR-IAD-MIA /Tuesday-Thrsday-Saturday/ DEP:13:00 arrive at IAD: 12:15 DEP from IAD: 12:35 MIA ARR: 14:30

BAW188: MIA-IAD-LHR /Wednesday-Friday-Sunday/ DEP:10:45 arrive at IAD: 12:40 DEP from IAD: 13:00 LHR ARR: 22:00

1991-2000 JFK schedule:

BAW001 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25

BAW002 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:12:15 ARR:21:00

BAW003 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:19:30 ARR:18:25

BAW004 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:13:30 ARR:22:25

2001-2003 JFK schedule:

BAW001 LHR-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:09:25

BAW002 JFK-LHR /Daily/ DEP:08:30 ARR:17:25

Air France

1977 Schedule :

AFR53 CDG-IAD /Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday/ DEP:20:00 ARR:17:55

AFR54 IAD-CDG /Sunday-Wednesday-Friday/ DEP:12:45 ARR: 22:50

AFR201 CDG-(SMA)-CCS /Thursday/ DEP:19:00 ARR:19:00

AFR200 CCS-(SMA)-CDG /Friday/ DEP:09:00 ARR:21:00

AFR85 CDG-(DKR)-GIG /Tuesday-Saturday/ DEP CDG:13:00* ARR DKR:15:00* DEP DKR:15:50* ARR GIG:16:00*

AFR86 GIG-(DKR)-CDG /Tuesday-Saturday/ DEP GIG:20:00* ARR DKR:02:10* DEP DKR:03:10* ARR CDG:07:00*

(AFR85/86 January 1976 - April 1982)

(AFR200/201 April 1976 - March 1982)

(AF53/54 May 1976 - March 1981)

(*one hour earlier in winter months)

1978 JFK service added:

AFR001 CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:11:00 ARR:08:45

AFR002 JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:13:00 ARR:22:45

September 1978 to November 1982 Mexico City Service:

AFR53: CDG-(IAD)-MEX /Wednesday-Sunday/ DEP CDG:20:00 ARR IAD:17:55 ARR MEX: 20:40

AFR54: MEX-(IAD)-CDG /Monday-Thursday/ DEP MEX:09:00 ARR IAD:12:55 DEP IAD:13:30 ARR CDG:23:35

Only scheduled concorde routes flown 1992 until 2003:

AFR001: JFK-CDG /Daily/ DEP:08:00 ARR:17:45

AFR002: CDG-JFK /Daily/ DEP:10:30 ARR:08:25

(notice the change of the callsigns for each route)

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Brian Furlong


March 1985

BA9091C / LHR-BAH / 8th March

BA9091C / BAH-CMB / 9th March

BA9092C / CMB-SIN / 9th March

BA9092C / SIN-CMB / 10th March

BA9092C / CMB-BAH / 10th March

BA9092C / BAH-LHR / 10th March

April 1986;

BA9060C / LHR-BAH / 5th April

BA9060C / BAH-CMB / 5th April

BA9060C / CMB-PER / 5th April

BA9060C / PER-AKL / 6th April

BA9061C / AKL-PER / 7th April

BA9061C / PER-CMB / 7th April

BA9061C / CMB-BAH / 7th April

BA9061C / BAH-LHR / 8th April

1989 Round the World Charter


JFK-DFW / DFW-OAK / OAK-HNL / 4th October

HNL-NAN / 6th October

NAN-CHC / 7th October

CHC-SYD / 10th October

SYD-GUM / GUM-DKG / 13th October

DKG-DAC / DAC-DEL / 16th October

DEL-NBO / 19th October

NBO-JED / JED-LHR / 22nd October

November 1986 Round the World Charter


LHR-JFK / 8th November

JFK-OAK / 10th November

OAK-HNL / 12th November

HNL-GUM / GUM-HKG / 15th November

HKG-DPS / 19th November

DPS-CMB / CMB-BAH / BAH-CAI / CAI-LHR / 22nd November

March 1987 Round the World Charter


LHR-SVO / 7th March

SVO-CAI / 8th March

CAI-DEL / 10th March

DEL-HKG / 12th March

HKG / GUM / 15th March

GUM-HNL / 17th March

HNL-MEX / 19th March

MEX-KIN / KIN-BGI / 21st March

BGI-JFK / JFK-LHR / 24th March

April 1989 Round The World Charter


LHR-JFK / JFK-ACA / 1st April

ACA-OAK / OAK-HNL / 3rd April

HNL-PPT / 5th April

PPT-CHC / 8th April (First rudder delam, replacement flown out)

CHC-SYD / 12th April

SYD-PER / PER-CMB / 15th April

CMB-MBA / 17th April

MBA-CPT / 20th April

CPT-ROB / ROB-LHR / 23rd April

October to November 1988 twice Round the World Charter

BA9001 LHR-JFK / 2nd November


JFK-DFW / 2nd October

DFW-OAK / OAK-HNL / HNL-NAN / 3rd October

NAN-SYD / 4th October

SYD-GUM / GUM-HKG / 7th October

HKG-DAC / DAC-DEL / 13th October

DEL-AUH / AUH-CAI / 16th October

CAI-LHR / 19th October


LHR-JFK / 22nd October

JFK-DFW / DFW-OAK / OAK-HNL / 23rd October

HNL-NAN / 24th October

NAN-SYD / 25th October

SYD-GUM / GUM-HKG / 28th October

HKG-DAK / DAK-DEL / 3rd November

DEL-AUH / AUH-CAI / 6th November

CAI-LHR / 9th November

October to November 1990 Round the World Charter


LHR-JFK / JFK-DFW / DFW-LAS / 28th October

LAS-HNL / 29th October

HNL-NAN / NAN-SYD / 30th October

SYD-DPS / 1st November

DPS-HKG / 2nd November

HKG-BKK / BKK-DEL / 5th November

DEL-BOM / BOM-NBO / 8th November

NBO-ASW / ASW-FCO / 11th November

FCO-LHR / 14th November

October to November 1994 Round the World Charter


LHR-JFK / JFK-DFW / DFW-OAK / OAK-HNL / 12th October

HNL-NAN / 14th October

NAN-CHC / 15th October

CHC-SYD / 19th October

SYD-DPS / DPS-HKG / 21st October

HKG-DEL / 27th October

DEL-NBO / 29th October

NBO-JED / JED-CDG / 1st November

CDG-JFK / JFK-LHR / 4th November

June 1990 US Tour

BA9095C / LHR-JFK / JFK-PDX / 8th June

BA9096C / PDX-PDX / 9th June

BA9098C / PDX-YHZ / 10th June

BA9098C / YHZ-LHR / 11th June

1993 African Tour

October to November 1993


LHR-ATH / ATH-NBO / 23rd October

NBO-HRE / 30th November

HRE-HRE / 31st November

HRE-JNB / 4th November

JNB-CPT / 9th November

CPT-ABJ / ABJ-LIS / LIS-LHR 10th November

Air Jamaica December 1986 to March 1987 12 flight Lease from British Airways


(went under the Air Jamaica callsign)

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