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How To Get The Most Out Your Pc

Ramón Cutanda

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Ramón Cutanda

First, apply Bojote's tweaks:


They really work GREAT and will do wonders for most of you. The only thing I'd rather not do is to use an external limiter. I prefer the internal FSX's limiter to 30 fps.

Then I always apply this nVidia Inspector for my nVidia graphics card:


If you don't mind to get you hands "dirty", then the AVSIM Software and Hardware Guide for FSX is a MUST

Appart from that, I always TURN OFF land and sea traffic, which hits very had on FPS. Also, I have to lower autogen to normal or lower in complex sceneries in order to avoid OOM (Out Of Memory) errors. See here.If running My Traffic X like me NEVER set it avobe 40-50%, specially in busy airports, when about 30% gives you plenty of traffic.

These simple things really changed my simming experience.


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