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Having Out Of Memory Errors (Oom)? Try This

Ramón Cutanda

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The OOM problem is still well known even in the PMDG B777, even in Win7 and 64bit but here in the B777 we can stay in the VC without opening a lot of 2D panels. I use OPUS to change VC views like I need them. In the beautiful Concorde there is only the engineers seat which does not allow a perfect view on his panels. If there is a way to remove this seat - the user can stay in the VC which does not cost so many ram like open and closing 2D panels and maybe more customers like me will appreciate to stay in the VC. So my simple question is there a way to remove this seat?

Regards Tom

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Hi Andrew,

I tried it but unfortunately the most backward position is not enough. As an old XPlane user I build planes and pits for the XP family - but I stopped XP to get more advanced planes (like the Concorde) - but now I am helplessly with objects and textures in the FSX world. Sometimes in XP we just made the textures invisible if we had this kind of problems. But nowadays the developers are making more and more hidden yokes or moving seats etc. etc. In the Concorde the movement is just not enough, really the best would be without that seat.

Regards Tom

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What I will try is to use only the engineer 2D panel - all the rest from the VC - that should reduce the amount of used ram. Will see - and report.

But still if there is a possibility to remove that seat or only the visibillity of that seat - please let me know.

Cheers Tom

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Kyprianos Biris

In my post early on this thread I detailed how I avoid OOM's.

Following further extended tests flying in all sorts of areas of the FSX globe with and without add on sceneries I have concluded to the following.

If I want to have a flight without OOM worries I have to have all scenery and other add on's disabled. Simple as that.

Flying from default FSX to default FSX scenery (even large airports) without having anything in between like UTX or heavy add on airports will produce a worst case scenario of 3.95 Gb VAS. All other scenatio's I have tried and at some point you get the lethal 4 Gb limit on arrival at destination or even earlier. I fly only on line on VATSIM network so I do not have the extra load of AI traffic from other traffic software but the occasional live AI traffic in VATSIM. Even on big events I cannot participate because by the time FSX loads more than ~50 different liveries then it consumes valuable VAS that is needed up to the end of the flight.

It is a big compromise in aesthetics and FS immersion factor but at least this is my way of guaranteeing no OOM's up to arrival.

2D panels' load we can't avoid even if we fly on VC. At some point you open them via VC to set the necessary settings for the flight.

So all I do is disable the add on scenery to be flown through (including UTX) and I manage to have a trouble free flight.

I don't like it but until - if ever - FSL release an improvement update on the issue, at least this way I enjoy this amazing aircraft.

The rest of scenery enjoyment I leave it for all the other aircraft I fly.

In a large default airport the VAS will start with 2.4~2.6 Gb with Concorde having everything off and 2D panels not loaded.

On Concorde's departure with all ncessary 2D opened at least once the VAS will be 3,3 gb by then.

While en route it will go up to 3,6~3,7Gb and on landing at a large (default FSX) airports it will reach 3,8~3,9 Gb.

This leaves some little room for an external view load (~100 Mb) and the occasional AI traffic texture FSX will load.

Lefteris, once you asked me; UTX adds 300~400Mb on a departure from Heathrow to the west.

A heavy add on airport will load 200~500Mb depending on options selected.

Flying the Concorde at Dawn/Dusk is also not very helpful since the 2D textures load more heavily (and keep the VAS space consumed for later) as they refresh to follow up with differing lighting.

Some of the scenery load on VAS clears after you leave the area and some does not. I have never understood which stay and which clear out later.

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Ramón Cutanda

Please do have a look at this great and simple tool:

Scenery Config Editor


It allows to easily and quickly enable/disable any scenery. That way you can make sure only departure and destination airports will load into memory and help to prevent OOM errors when overflying addon sceneries that we don't really need.


PS: I've updated my first post with some more information. If I'm missing something important, please let me know and I'll add it. Thanks.

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I don't post here often but I have done quite a lot of work on VAS recently and I just thought you might like to see what this amazing plane can do when all it's "power" is released in FSX. http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/fsx-oom-and-addon-vas-usage/comment-page-2/#comment-7749. Please read 23/11/2013


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Andreas Stangenes

In order to use this product, I have to turn off all other addons and go au naturell...

I cant fly Concorde X without the constant risk of ooms on final, and that simply destroys my desire to fly her. Flying her in an ugly sim will also destroy my desire to fly. Sorry to say that concorde x seems to to be a turtoise put into too small a shell (fsx).

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Kyprianos Biris

In order to use this product, I have to turn off all other addons and go au naturell...

I cant fly Concorde X without the constant risk of ooms on final

Andreas it is a big compromise to deactivate nice add on scenery but to be honest, once you do it you are not in constant risk of OOM.

Concorde Cold and Dark loads some 2.5 Gb of VAS and while en route and to final approach stage with everything operating it will not go above 3.2 Gb.

This means that you have some 700~800 Mb spare for clouds and AI traffic.

Unfortunately this is what I do (deactivate heavy departure and/or destination scenery) but by this way I never have any OOMs with Concorde.

My thinking (to keep me flying FSL Concorde) is that

I use a bare stock FSX as a CONCORDE SIMULATOR platform with basic scenery and

not CONCORDE ADD ON IN FSX as we know it with its nice add on's.

These I enjoy with all other aircraft except FSL Concorde.

Lets be honest, FSX is not that bad in stock scenery. Come to think of it, It is much much better from FS9 or X-Plane !

Example: with stock Jetways at stock airports using GSX for ground services (available to all airports once you buy it) I am happy by never having OOMs and being able to enjoy this amazing aircraft.

Pitty I can not enjoy amazing scenery like FSDT JFK v2 with Concorde but I accept the "downgrade" by not having other available alternative.

BTW yesterday evening for testing reasons I flew LPMA to above JFK scenery on a OOM suicide mission (was testing another product) taking for granted I would have OOM on final. (Note on deactivation of FSDT JFK v2)

Well, weather at JFK was bad (rain and lots of clouds). Once the scenery loaded on final approach (ILS 31R) I hit 4Gb of VAS and with NY town in view at far distance the frames went down to 4~5 FpS. I landed by dead reckoning in an arcade type of scenery and managed to stop safely pre OOM on the runway with 4,085 of VAS by not pressing "OK" on the warning pop up and ignoring it (let it in background view without clicking it). FSX was short of OOM crashing by few Kb's I guess.

After I finished and closed the PIREP with my VA, once I tried to switch views it finally crashed !

Intentionally I had not loaded EXTERNAL view or VIRTUAL COCKPIT during the whole session just to save some few Mb's of VAS.

The scenery view was all corrupt in views and colors but technically I managed to land to a full stop at destination.

Approach/Landing simulation wise it was a failure but I was expecting it.

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2 hours ago, GolfClub1 said:

OOM is a joke.  Worst one by far of any programme.

Not with sensible settings it isn't. Since the 1.3 update I can fly EGLL-KJFK without the need to reload a saved flight. Lower your settings and it will be fine.

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Hi Ramon,

I had a read of your updated post but wasn't sure what had been changed. Maybe changing the text to red might help? ;)

One tip given to me that will reclaim up to 250Mb of VAS is to toggle from windowed mode to full-screen mode or vice-versa. I always do that and it makes a real difference. On a recent flight from Mega Airport Oslo Gardermoen to Heathrow Xtended I flew right over central London. VAS dropped down to around 300Mb but toggling screen mode brought it back to nearly 600Mb and the flight was completed without running out of memory. That's a pretty severe test.

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Ramón Cutanda

I have not just added some more extra info but making a full review of the text instead. The main concepts are basically the same, but I have tried to be more organized and precise. Everything is so changed that it would be hard to highlight just the new parts. The only really new points I would say are the reference to textures and the link to some VAS monitoring tools.

Thanks for your tip. I have already added to the text.


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Just wanted to add some other helpful tips that "might" help save some VAS:

1) I read in another forum to put all unused default and 3rd party aircraft in a separate folder (name it 'Hangar'). I tried it and may have seen a little gain, but I don't know why this would affect VAS.

2) The lates NVidia drivers (378.XX) have been reported to cause VAS leaks. I just reverted back to driver 376.33 and just gained 100-200 MB VAS. Crazy. This is a moving target, though, because it doesn't appear to be a consistent issue among computer systems and you never know when updating a driver might cause issues. However, this is something to explore, especially if you had no prior VAS issues.

3) Optimize 3rd party addons - there is a great lengthy thread stickied in the P3D tips and tricks section on AVSIM. This doesn't appear to be as much an issue as it used to be, though. Taxi2Gate and older FSDT sceneries are big ones to check out, but check all of them. You really don't need textures greater than 2048 px (one could even argue you really don't need anything over 1024 px, as the difference is really not that huge). 


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Kyprianos Biris

Returning to this everlasting post since Concorde-X and CIVA INS remain 32bit software.

My Prepar3D v3 OOM'less Concorde-X Flights

This is a follow up on this ageing thread regarding the dreadful OOM (out of memory) issue related to VAS (Virtual Memory Assigned Space) in 32bit software like P3Dv3 where the simulator crashes after having consumed all 32bit available memory of 4Gb. Since this thread started and I had contributed with FSX reports, I have now moved to P3Dv3 so this is mainly my belated! report on P3Dv3 (and also acts as a set of personal notes in case I need to refer back to them!).

Unless someone flies Concorde-X with some sacrifices, VAS remains an issue until it hopefully, one day, becomes compatible with P3Dv4 (64bit). So I post this since, for now, we the Concorde-X fans, are stuck in FSX or P3Dv3 for the foreseeable future. I (Flight Simulation wise) live for the day this post will become obsolete and useless and Concorde-X will become P3Dv4 compatible !

For a starter my PC / P3D add ons spec’s:
FSL Concorde-X run in VC view, Windowed mode, with 2D pop-up windows undocked in Extended Desktop side screen | PC: i7 3770@4.1 Ghz | NVidia GTX970 4Gb | 8 Gb RAM | Win10 | Prepar3D 3.4.22 | 2048 resolution | 2x28'screens at 1920x1080 | Orbx FTX Global Base & Vector, openLC EUR&NAM | AS16+ASCA weather | Chaseplane Camera | vPilot for VATSIM live traffic with Mytraffic6 AI. (AI traffic is low since its only live on line traffic.)
NOTE: with higher than 1920 screen resolutions like 4K the VAS memory numbers I report below cannot be achieved.

Now this is a description on how I avoid the dreadful OOM and enjoy this lovely add on aircraft for so many years on in the “benchmark flight” of EGLL to KJFK and back, that being one of the heaviest ones regarding scenery load.

First of all I have set P3Dv3 settings profiles in my P3D per the AVSIM P3D guide.
For Concorde-X I run P3Dv3 at the “For a low end computer” (page 29) profile.
I leave “Texture Resolution” at 2048 (TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=2048 in Prepar3D.cfg) since FSL Concorde-X changes to that (if at 1024) anyway on start up.
Also I have saved some personal preferences irrelevant to AVSIM guide. I have VSync & Tripple Buffering OFF and Target frame rate: 30. HDR Lighting I have it OFF because I find it wrong in P3D. Cloud Draw Distance and Cloud Density I have them Maxed out due to ASN weather dynamics (which set it there automatically and then your P3D settings change to “Custom”).

ASN+ASCA. In ASN I have Cloud options: Max Cloud Layers 3,  Min and Max Cloud Draw Distance 150 miles. Visibility options: Maximum surface visibility 40 miles(64Km), Maximum upper visibility 100 miles(161Km). In ASCA I have set 2048 (DXT) clouds, 1024 (DXT) Full Dynamics Overcast and left Overcast Models in “Balanced”.

Per AVSIM guide I have also set NVidia Inspector profile (page 45) as suggested.

Then in ORBX FTX VECTOR configuration tool (AVSIM guide page 111) I take further steps by deactivating almost everything except: Highways, Primary Roads, Beaches, Wetlands. Everything else including Traffic is disabled. Remember to have a preset saved for the default (high) preferences and the above LOW settings too to revert back easily. The above saves some 220~250 Mb of VAS.

From scenery library I leave inactive all airport scenery I am going to fly nearby (London, New York areas) except KJFK.
For Heathrow EGLL I use Default (ORBX) P3D scenery and leave add on (Aerosoft) Heathrow disabled for use with other aircraft.Yes it is a sacrifice not to use custom add on Heathrow but this is key to the success of the following flight without OOM.
For KJFK I use FSDT’s JFK v2. When I found out with latest COUATL updates by FSDT that this scenery cannot be deactivated the usual way from P3Dv3 Scenery Library (it is greyed out) I asked in their forum why. The response Umberto gave was a happy surprise because he described something I had not realized regarding FSDT scenery memory (VAS) load “unloading” past airport range. That was a nice surprise regarding memory load so I now leave without worries FSDT’s KJFK activated as is in the library. The above means that JFK is “offloaded” from VAS space after departure and hence its one less worry for the London arrival 3 hours later.

Off course I revert back to all my regular (higher) graphics settings (P3Dv3, ORBX, Enabled Airports scenery) profiles when I fly all other aircraft.

Last but not least, I avoid any external views of the Concorde until I am at the destination gate. For outside screenshorts I can load up the Concorde in any another session for the purpose. This saves me 140 Mb VAS.

With the above settings I now get the following VAS remaining numbers which make this memory most demanding flight (EGLL-KJFK) in P3D v3 feasible without OOM worries but with some sacrifices.
Note: VAS remaining values are reported as indicated by the FSUIPC Offset 024C on top left of the P3D window bar.
Regarding VAS limits: P3Dv3 will start blackening out below 125 Mb of VAS and eventually will crash at 100Mb.

My VAS performance

Initial Concorde load at Cold & Dark state off ORBX area at sparse scenery airport: 1.547 Mb
EGLL (default) airport Terminal 4 gate: 1.100 Mb
EGLL gate with 2D windows opened and powered up: 992 Mb
UK Bristol channel before transonic climb : 950 Mb
Over Atlantic Ocean: 850~950Mb  ( From other tests: 680 with high ORBX settings)
Approaching KJFK 31L: 600 Mb reducing to 380 Mb on short final (From other tests: 152 Mb with high ORBX settings and initial OOM black outs at 125 Mb once landed)
KJFK at gate:  320 Mb (From other tests: 99Mb with high ORBX settings – OOM crash)
KJFK at gate after external views: 289 Mb
Approaching EGLL (default) 27L from KJFK return (fresh P3D reload) flight: 575 Mb
EGLL (default) Terminal 4 gate from KJFK return flight: 463 Mb

So with the above settings I reach the KJFK gate with with 195 Mb to spare and the EGLL gate with 338 Mb to spare. This leaves some room for thick(er) clouds due to (worse) weather and/or Day/Night changes which consume some more VAS.

To summarize, they key to the above memory loads without OOM is:

1. reduced Graphics settings in P3D

2. heavily reduced ORBX Vector scenery

3. absence of add on EGLL scenery

All can be changed back to Normal/Heavy settings with three or so clicks.


Who needs P3Dv4 ... joking :D




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Ray Proudfoot

Good post Kyp and hopefully very helpful to those having OOM problems. I have managed to avoid them with sensible settings in P3D v3.4. I really don't feel I'm missing out on scenery complexity as I'm usually too busy concentrating on landing the aircraft rather than admiring the view.

I recently added T2G LFPG and the performance is much better than the ancient Aerosoft Mega Airport Paris CDG. But it does have a fair VAS footprint. My test flight is LFPG-EGLL (I have Aerosoft Heathrow Xtreme) so the combination of both together with Concorde pushes VAS to the limit.

My only test flight so far was a landing on 09R so I avoided overflying central London. I had around 500Mb remaining after parking. If P3D can manage VAS flying over central London it will pass my most severe test.

I should also add I use MyTrafficPro and have 150 Ai set in FSUIPC4.

A 64-bit version would be warmly received and I think the VC would be a major benefit assuming the team have the time and enthusiasm to 'tart up' the visuals. :D

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Kyprianos Biris

Thanks Ray, EGLL 09 runways have huge difference over 27's. On the former you fly above (almost) farmlands whereas in the later you are vectored over central London one of FSX/P3D most heavy city scenery ever including EGLC London City airport.

Unless ORBX is tuned down in this area its a problem and off course I refer to ORBX EUR stuff, no question about ORBX EU England add on scenery, that's a killer. I fly in this magnificent scenery only with light GA aircraft.

Yes TaxiToGate magnificent LFPG is also heavy. I have not tried yet the T2G LFPG to FSDT KJFK flight.

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Ray Proudfoot

Hi Kyp. I only have FTX Global but still feel VAS would probably run out when flying over central London enroute to 27L/R. As it's only a short flight fro LFPG it's probably worth trying as a severe test.

If VAS gets too low I'd probably reduce Ai first rather than lower scenery settings.

I think you'll be okay with LFPG-KJFK unless a Rwy 13L landing is required.

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Alexander Benz


just try some of my P3D settings for fly the concorde without OOM. For now my question is it is possible to use payware airports for EGLL and KJFK and if wich addons for those 2 airports possible ? No other addons like orbx etc. used. Default i start with 1155 MB VAS left when initiate at EGLL default and drop down to 840 when use Aerosoft EGLL for example wich is too low i think to avoid OOM later.

Thank you





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Ray Proudfoot

Alex, I have successfully flown EGLL to KJFK with Aerosoft's Heathrow Xtended and FS Dream Team JFK in P3D v3. The critical thing is Ai. You need to keep them low because they eat VAS like no business.

Scenery complexity to Normal and same with Autogen.

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Alexander Benz

Hello Ray,

thank you for your quick reply. I‘ll give it a try and look how it performes. The problem with NVIDIA drivers higher than recommenend is still present with the actual drivers ?

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Ray Proudfoot

Hi Alexander. Yes, I'm having to stay with 382.05 even though 99% of my flying is with P3D v4. Not ideal but there's no alternative.

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Alexander Benz

So for now i managed my VAS settings optimal and find out some interesting things.

For others what i have done :

P3D settings leave all default / scenery etc. 

Change to Fullscreen instead windowed mode - lower down resolution to 2560x1440

this give me around 950 MB VAS left in EGLL with AS Extended

Important setting on my system it´s 4K, is to change the scaling option from windows from 150% down to 100%

I´ve only notice that because the insim menu for the loading option of the Concorde are miss aligned with the text and symbols

This give me a complete another VAS situation.

Same situation - around 500 MB more VAS free as before with leave scaling to 150%

Now start - cold dark with 1450 MB VAS left

this is how i deal  with OOM

maybe this will help other to free up the VAS




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Ray Proudfoot

Alex, I tried 2560*1440 on my BenQ UHD monitor and still ran out of VAS. I’m having to stick to 1920*1080 and after a lot of experimentation have decided HDR On gives me a better picture than HDR Off.

The biggest difference is FXAA. I’ve turned that off and the improved sharpness is excellent. Much closer to FullHD quality now.

I have Aerosoft Heathrow Xtended and FSDT JFK plus UT Live so I have to compromise on settings. But it’s the VC image quality that’s most important to me and that has improved a lot just by switching off FXAA.

Scaling automatically switches to 100% with 1920*1080. I now have settings that make flying Concorde much more enjoyable.

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Alexander Benz


with 1920 x 1080 i have no fullscreen with my monitor. I have 2 black areas left and right. This is why i decide to use the higher resolution. Turn off FXAA its a very nice hint - ill test it soon.

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Ray Proudfoot

Alexander, that is most unusual. What is the make and model of your monitor? I’m not sure how it can have those black bars.

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Ray Proudfoot

Ah, that makes sense. 4096-3840=256 extra pixels so that explains two very narrow vertical borders.

You'll find turning FXAA off results in a significantly sharper VC. Wish. I’d discovered that months ago.

Im going to see if I have it set in P3D v4.

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Ray Proudfoot

Alex, I’m not sure why you need to test. You posted useful advice on how to minimise the chance of running out of VAS so you appear to have a good understanding of the settings.

Your chosen resolution of 2560*1440 will give small black bars but I wouldn’t worry about those. Stretching the panel to fit will not enhance the image.

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Alexander Benz

Hi Ray,

no the resolution 1920x1080 give me the black borders - 2560x1440 is fine. But in the release Thread for the 1.40 version leftheris give a workaround for higher resolution than 1920x1080 with this stretch setting in the ini file to avoid OOM in with higher resolution. So i‘m not sure if i need this Setting in generally or not because my resolution is above. 


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Ray Proudfoot
19 minutes ago, AndrewTilley said:

Still having major oom problems in p3d especially when approaching CYYZ.

Not much info to go off. What sim and version? Is CYYZ 3rd party airport? What is autogen level? Ai package? What % set?

The simple answer is to reduce settings.

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Ray Proudfoot
11 minutes ago, AndrewTilley said:

hi using p3dv3, cyyz is stock scenery, Ai is off autogen low. 

Well something is eating it. What resolution are you running? 1920*1080 I trust.

Post screenshots of your settings window if you’re still struggling. With no Ai VAS shohld not be a problem.

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