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Does Someone Have Flightplans From Cdg-Gig Via Dakar?

Sebastian Andersson

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Charan Kumar

Found one used on VATSIM by a CONC : EVX2B/26R EVX UN873 DESAB DEZOG BAROK SAMAR CVS UB623 NOR UN857 DAGEL PCX....not sure where dakar is, sorry!!

Use simroutes.com to generate the route and then use the tool listed in our stickies to make the civa files from the flightplan.

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Gerald Gervinet


RW flight plan used in the 80s :


via a supersonic corridor between Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.



N0570F270 LGL DCT C/NTS/M200F270F600 DCT KORUL DCT 4328N00943W 4205N01015W 3500N01245W 3043N01405W 2730N01500W 2135N01730W 2025N01730W DCT YF


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Old post of mine from SSTSIM Concorde forum:

Please read below, this plan was made with very few real data, so YES, THERE ARE differences from the real world operation.

[introduction]The SST airway is very close to the UA304 airway (Dakar to Vitoria, Brazil), so I used the FSNav SID BOMSA. The FSNav built-in SID/STAR Download feature has this SID for both directions of the 18/36 runway.

BOMSA Departure:

After TO, fly straight until 8.5 DME from YF VOR. Turn to follow 10 DME Arc until close to the 224 outbound radial, and then to the D224L (or D223L) waypoint (224 radial, 12 nm from YF VOR). Then direct to BOMSA.

I have the data of only 3 (three) waypoints, the ones that were on the old chart I used:




As the SM, SN and SO tracks waypoints, these aren\'t on the FSNav database downloaded from Navdata.at site. They probably doesn\'t even exist anymore on the official databases.

Due to lack of data, I assumed a DTO from BOMSA to ESONO. ESONO is a waypoint on the boundary between the Atlantico FIR (Brazil) and the Dakar Oceanic FIR.

ARLEG, the next waypoint, is located near the point where Recife is exactly on your right (on a Dakar-Rio flight).

And then ARMIS, very close to the coast and ~145 nm from Rio (Great Circle distance).

After ARMIS, I have no data. Instead of flying inland direct to PCX VOR, I made a detour around the shore, allowing more time at cruise and a smaller loss of time flying over land by going to RIFO intersection (nowadays waypoint, probably didn\'t exist at the end of 70s/beginning of 80s). The descent procedure should be started some miles before ARMIS, to be at M<1.0 before turning inland at RIFO intersection.

From RIFO, then direct to PCX VOR, to start the Charlie 6 approach procedure to Galeao\'s runway 28. If Galeao operating runway 10, go to CAX VOR after PCX and follow Charlie 8 procedure. Landings on runway 10 are very rare today, except on days with reduced visibility or fog, due to CATII equipment available only on this runway. If runway 15 in use for landings, fly to CAX NDB after PCX and follow Charlie 3 procedure: this is a tricky one to do with Concorde! Watch out for the mountains N of the airport!

Normal operations at Galeao are landings on 15, take-offs on 10, winds prevailing from southeast. With cold fronts coming from the southwest, the wind gets stronger and the direction changes to west and northwest, The Runway 28 is used for landings and the take-offs are made on runways 28 and 33 (28 is almost 5 km from the gates, and almost 9 km from the Cargo area, while 33 is much closer)

Looks like during the regular operations, Concorde operated mainly on the 10/28 runway, but I\'m not 100% sure of that, specially about landings. What I know is that the runway 10 was the preferred for take-offs.

[Flight Plan]

GOOY 18 N14 45.4 W017 28.9

36 N14 43.6 W017 28.6

D224L N14 34.6 W017 35.3

BOMSA N13 58.1 W018 00.0

ESONO N00 53.5 W025 48.0

ARLEG S08 51.6 W031 32.3

ARMIS S22 51.7 W040 33.9

RIFO S23 12.6 W042.21.4

PCX VOR S22 42.9 W042 51.4

[Enroute alternatives]

GOOY Dakar

FHAW Ascension Island - It\'s a Royal Air Force base, don\'t know if it was used as available alternative on the real ops. And it\'s very far from the route, 850 nm at closest point. It\'s more inteligent to land at Brazil

SBNT Natal, Brazil - Longest runway is just 7470 ft long, a short runway for Concorde ops.

SBRF Recife, Brazil - Main enroute alternative, long runway, with ILS and VOR.

SBSV Salvador, Brazil - Big runway, last enroute alternative until Rio de Janeiro.

[Landing Alternatives]

SBCF Belo Horizonte - Inside Brazil, this airport has a big runway, and it\'s 200 nm (great circle) north of Rio.

SBGR São Paulo - Main International Airport of Brazil, 180 nm (GC) from Rio, but the air traffic between São Paulo and Rio is so intense that the hole approach process to SBGR may get very long.

[VORs for DME Updating]

It\'s important to activate DME updating as soon as possible because after losing the YF and BJ signals, the next DME available for update is NUQ, a lot of miles and minutes away. After NUQ, no more problems, many DMEs are on range for updating.

YF 113.1 N14 44.7 W017 28.5

BJ 112.9 N13 16.3 W016 34.5

NUQ 112.2 S17 53.1 W040 21.6 Nearest point is 154 nm from NUQ VOR. The CVL VOR is closer to the flightplan path, but it\'s not equipped with DME

VTR 115.5 S20 15.0 W040 17.0

MAC 112.7 S22 20.7 W041 46.1

ADA 112.1 S22 48.8 W042 05.7

MRC 114.0 S22 58.1 W042 53.5

PCX 114.6 S22 42.9 W042 51.4

CAX 113.0 S22 46.7 W043 20.0


NOR 113.5 S03 51.9 W032 26.9 On this route, on the closest point to NOR is 200 nm away, impossible to work with on FS, but probably used on the real world (I once heard that due to the high cruising altitude Concorde could get VORs from distances of 250nm or more!)

REC 116.9 S08 08.2 W034 55.6 Same observations

SVD 116.5 S12 54.4 W038 19.3 Same observations

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