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Repaint Pre Prod Troubles


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I've got some troubles with the repaint Pre-Production from the forum.

Oooh yes a Black one.


I proceed like that to install the repaint :

1. In the FSX Main Folder/simobjects/airplanes/FSLabs BAe Concorde directory, I made a folder named 'texture.pre-production'.

2. I copied the contents of 'Concord X Pre-Production' file to the texture.pre-production.

3. I copied the contents which were to be copied into the aircraft.cfg file, only replacing the * in [fltsim.*] with the num 10.

After that i've see the file 'texture.pre-production' contain only 12 files against 18 for other repaint so i've copied all file of 'texture.BAUNIONFLAG' in 'texture.pre-production'. And i've overwrited some file with file contain on 'Concord X Pre-Production' and it's doesn't work too.


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