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Concorde X Problem


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Hey guys this is my new topic on this site.

so here is the problem: when i choose concorde and start flight its alright, no problem during the flight. But when i end flight there are a loading box says Loading aircraft resource, then i just wait. but after 1 hour it doesnt really move a bit, then i try to choose another livery, and start flight. But when the loading complete i only got black screen but when i right click it shows the menu like normal, just its only black. Then i back to menu its still freezing, i try to restart fsx and when i choose concorde again it was fine but after i end flight again its back freezing (Loading aircraft resource). What should i do?

-Windows 7 32bit

-Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

-2.93 GHz

-4 Gb RAM

-nVidia GeForce 7300 GT

-DirectX 9.0c

-And of course FSX SP2


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