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New Baby In The Hangar


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Ramón Cutanda

By the way... does anyone know what was the maximum speed for this Pepsi livery? If I'm not wrong Concorde used a special white paint to avoid getting too hot when supersonic. So a livery with that dark blue should have definitely increased the temperature by several dregrees and thus maximum speed must have been lower than the standard white. But I've never been able to find any information about his matter...Any clue?

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Milton Kuser

From my understanding the crucial area was the wings. As you can see, the wings are still painted white in this livery. It has been a while since I watched the hanger portion of it, but I believe they talk about it a little bit in the ITVV video.

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Ramón Cutanda
They received approval to paint the fuselage in blue, but were advised to keep the wings in white (because of the fuel temperature).

It was advised to remain at M2.02 for about 20 minutes at most, but there was no restriction under M1.70. This was not a concern for Air France as the aircraft was not due to operate any scheduled flight to New York ‚ John F. Kennedy (JFK) or any such long sector.

This is was I looking for... Thanks Scott!!! So I was both right and wrong... The Pepsi livery could do Mach 2.02... but not for more than 20 minutes :-) I'll update my Concorde World Tour with that info.

Thanks for your answers!

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