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'reverse Air Shut Off Check'


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Hi everyone,

The weekend has dawned upon us and I am greatfull to say that I have had a lot of supersonic hours on my belt. Some of you might even remmember the race Robin and I organized a while back. If the support is up for it I have another race for the old lady.

Now onto the question. I've been following the real world FCOM for flying and it's gone very well, but one thing. I cannot for the love of god get the winddown light to illuminate. With the engines started and moving forward I switch the test selector to "E" and nothing happens at all. Can someone enlighten me en weather it works or not? or maybe there is a special procedure. I remmember Mr. Wilson saying it would be programmed.

Thank you,


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For the test rotate the Wind Down Test rotary selector to E and at the Nozzle Override the 27° security test selector to Test NTRC or Test PIDU. The Wind Down light illuminates and the reverse thrust lights of the corresponding engines 1-4 or 2-3 is flashing.

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Michael Penson

Reverse A.S.O.V.s ................ CHKD/18'-24' C.E

Set all 4 throttles to idle

Set both NOZ AIR SOV & WIND DOWN test sels, direct to E and check

- all 4 Reversse lts, flashing

- all Wind Down lts, on.

Place the Nozzle Override Panel switches in either the Test PIDU or Test NTRC

NOTE: N2s may increase or decrease slightly.

Set throttle levers to mid travel

Observe N2s do not increase by more then 6%

Set throttle levers to idle.

Select reverse idle on all 4 engines and check,

- buckets rotate to between 27' and 37' then stop

- Wind Down lts, extinguish

- Reverse lts, continue to flash

- N2 increases to reverse idle

Cancel reverse by maintaining a steady downward pressure on the reverse levers. The forward baulk will remain engaged until the following action is taken:-

Rotate both test sels, through D to OFF and check,

Take the Nozzle Override Panel switches out of either the Test PIDU or Test NTRC, whichever you selected

- buckets return to between 18' and 24'

- reverse lts, extinguish

- reverse levers fully down

- N2 at idle

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Many thanks to both IF/AF2999 and Michael Penson. Now, I've been looking all over for the Nozzle Override Panel and it seems well hidden......atleast for me. Any hints to where I might find it?



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Select the Nozzle Override at the Engineer Mini-Popup (mouse click under the ADF or Shift+2). It's then above the Aft Leg at the lower right side and under the DC Electrics panel. If you have the tool tips enabled you can find it also easily when hoovering over this area with the mouse.

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