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Concorde - from a non-customer...

Trevor Hannant

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Trevor Hannant

Unfortunately I missed the boat on the original Concorde so have been unable to comment on the current topic that's going in the Concorde Support Forum.  However, I just wanted the opportunity to comment on this post below from Andrew:


Morning Ray,

We have built our own Concorde Route Planner. CPS was built to be used with Concorde-X, and because the weight and balance model has been completely re-worked to mirror that of the real aircraft, we had to devise our own system. In fact, each Concorde airframe has been individually setup with exact figures. Some are heavier, some are lighter. You can now add any amount of payload to any of the holds/cabin areas - plus fuel - and the resulting CG will match what was seen on the real aircraft. 

It was important to set the weight and balance model up correctly, because it played a vital role in the fuel planning - specifically for calculating the fuel balance required for the takeoff (pre-takeoff transfer/burn off), 59% CG in cruise and a 53.5% CG for landing. The system would then work out if any extra (ballast) fuel was needed to be carried. 

Our planning system handles schedule/charter and custom routes. Any custom routes are exported to a custom route memory module database - and this can easily be selected through the INS CDU. The planning system then carries out complex calculation routines to build a complete fuel/route/weather and tactical briefing - a 25 page document set out (to the letter) per the real paperwork that the crews took onboard. All of this data is synced to the simulator - and you then run through the pre-departure flows whilst the aircraft is loaded and fueled to these pre-calculated figures (a similar experience to that which our Airbus customers are familiar with).

It's an extremely complex system that we've made simple and easy to use.

  11 hours ago, Ray Proudfoot said:

Will the new database be able to receive updates from Navigraph AIRAC releases?

Yes, much the same as our Airbus series - the Concorde system will reference the same AIRAC cycle that is installed for FSLabs, whether that be the default cycle that we ship with our products, or a more recent cycle for those users who have a subscription to one of the AIRAC providers. 

This attention to detail and providing more than just an update to the existing aircraft is why this will be a month 1 buy (depends how close to pay day it is! :p ).  In terms of bringing it to MSFS in the future, how much of the code will be re-usable, particularly if it's outside of the sim itself?

As well as flying, I look forward to seeing many of you transit through the LON_W airspace on VATSIM after release (and some of you testers before release!)

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