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Tom van der Elst

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Tom van der Elst


I have installed the latest update .180 and ever since I cannot assign my rudder axis to the tiller anymore.

I can calibrate everything, I can set the slider as tiller, that all works,

but as soon as I assign the rudder axis it does not work any more.

I have reinstalled the drivers, recalibrated throttle and stick, repaired the FSLabs install, and no matter what it just does not work.

If I use the slider(throttle) there is no problem whatsoever to assign the axis and then the disconnect button.

If I remove the assignment of the , for pedal disconnect the rudder stops working entirely,

if I then reassign the , the rudder works but the tiller does not.

I have now assigned the tiller via FSUIPC so that flying is possible.

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