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APU auto shutdown FAULT - How to reset?

Bruno Morgado

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Bruno Morgado

Hi guys,

Last night I was just messing up ramdomly with buttons in the cockpit, seeing the great coding that fslabs put in it, and I've seen the maintenance panel p/b "APU AUTO QUIT" (or something like this) in the maint panel in the upper overhead.

"Hmmm interesting" I armed the button without any certain about what was gonna happen, noticed the EGT in the APU page stay on 155C and some of the lights in the APU fire button lit up.

Great! It should be some maintenance procedure to check the apu auto shutdown system! Then I pushed the master switch on, and START.
APU didn't come up and some seconds later "APU FAULT - APU AUTOSHUTDOWN" in the ECAM (or something near this) appeared.

Fun! Then I pressed reset near the APU QUIT expecting to see the fault gone. Nothing, only the red lights in the APU fire pushbutton turnoff.
APU page stayed on 155C of EGT and FLAP OPEN.

Pressing the master switch, triggered after some time ECAM message "APU AUTOSHUTDOWN, APU MASTER SW...............OFF" on the ECAM.
Tried all maint options on MCDU and turning off the entire aircraft and back on. Nothing.

I was puzzled. I just broke it? :D
There is a way of resetting it?

Fun fact: I decided to have some adventure last night, so when I was starting the descent I blown up with a lot of sound, light and heat the #2 engine, followed by "damage fail" failure and made an fuselage leak in the pressurization, simulating an non contained engine fail. After safe landing and some ECAM actions I spent some time in the cockpit, at the gate, messing up and fixing systems :D

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Bruno Morgado


Before spending more than 20s writing my post I've read that 5yo topic.

not related. But thanks for replying.

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