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Gliding not possible on FSX with Concorde X 1.41 and FSLSpotLights build 38 installed

rafael feigel

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rafael feigel

That is a very annoying issue...


12. Provide detailed explanation of the issue your encountering.:
SO thats it.Concorde X 1.41 works as good as FSX  permits! I have no complaints to shoot at it. However no glider aircraft works when Concorde X is installed or the three FSLabs   DLL.XML entries are active.
I choose a glider and when trying to load the flight FSX crashes to desktop with no warning.
It doesnot matter if it is the default Microsoft DG808S, or any of the two Aerosoft Gliders for FSX I own.
I always tried to load the gliders from the default FSX KFHR flight.
At first I uninstalled both Aerosoft gliders and tried to use only the default DG808S , but the trouble stands.
Tried to load from a paused situation, every glider I tried loads complete, I can cycle views with "S"and "A" keys and space+mouse without issue, but immediatly leaving pause,FSX CTD without warning message.
Tried to do that while watching processes to see if I have a hint, but no clue.
The gliders works when FSLabs Concorde X and FSLSpotLight were uninstalled, or FSlLabs DLL.XML are deactivated. 


I use FSX + Acceleration DVD to the latest patch
Concorde X 1.41
FSLSpotLights (32bit) for FSX / P3D v3 - 1.0 - Build 38
on Windows 10 home x64 latest everything
On an Acer Predator g9-793 laptop 32 gb ddr4 and i7 7700HQ processor
with an GTX 1070 with Nvidia Driver latest  update>this is not an Optimus notebook, no Intel Graphics , only the GTX 1070 GPU exists

1.Windows OS version and whether 32bit or 64bit? 64bit   10 home always to the latest patch

2. Sim platform and version number? see above
3. Sim installation path? D:\Program Files(x86\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X ( I made that up on a sole NVME drive for FSX and ORBX, since windows is installed on a C:\ partition on a different drive)

4. Did you disable your anti-virus software prior to installing Concorde-X? yes.I use Windows Defender and I told him not to annoy FSX exe and FSX folder

5. Did you run the CIVA installer for each of your sim installations? yes
6. Did you reboot the PC after installing Concorde-X? yes
7. Are you loading Concorde-X in Window or Full Screen Mode? both
8. did you DISABLE your antivirus prior to installing Concorde-X and CIVA (can re-enable after installing) yes
9. Is the Trike or Piper Cub the sim's default saved flight? trike
10. Running DX9 or DX10 and is the latest Steve's DX10 Fixer Program installed? yes, I use the  Steves fixer and run FSX  under DX10.Also have the latest DX9.0c
11. Any Visual/texture shaders mods installed, example Reshade or SweetFX, etc....? not to my knowledge
(All platforms)
13. All the 3 FSL entries in the DLL.XML file? yes As I said above
14. Did you install the latest FSL Spotlights?  If not, please install it. YES as I said above.
I  have some extras like a2a accufeel tacpack fsuipc and widefs registered orbx regions and vector, rex sky force and a ton of add ons, but none of them appears to have problems with my gliders or Concorde.
I initially suspected some incompatibility with winchx and or cumulusx also, but uninstalled them and the reported behavior persist.
Also, installed at FSX folder the missing UIautomationcore.dll that dvd edition lacks.Nothing good or bad happened after that
It is a war between Concorde x + FSLSpotlight and soaring only
As I started saying, very annoying thing.
Please, help!I want to practice both activities on the same install!
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Norman Blackburn

Hello Rafael

We ceased sales of the Concorde-X in June 2019 and stated at that time that support would run for a further year - June 2020 which has now passed.  There will be no further updates on the product as it is end of life.

The workaround you have been using when wishing to use the Concorde we understand is for you annoying but at least allows you to enjoy the two very diverse flying extremes.

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