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Skalarki Products Picture request

Waleed Nuseibeh

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Waleed Nuseibeh

So, I ordered the tcas module to test customs and delivery here in Jordan.

My Bravo throttle Quadrant was held in customs for an extra 10 days as I had to explain to "security" apparatus that it was for Simulation/Entertainment, and then proceed to pay 100% customs and fees so cheap becomes expensive, and Skalarki becomes very expensive.

Nonetheless, I have questions to all who have been enjoying their products.

Is it possible to get you to post pictures as to how they "live" on or around  your desks?

I am looking at ordering the FCU, MCDU, and the home line left pedestal package (modified I hope to somehow fit the TCAS module), and would like an idea of how they "fit" in your environments.

I am particularly interested in the home line pedestal package as I need to figure out where it goes next to my chair, and if I need to "add" support to make it sit up high enough from the floor for me to reach it comfortably.

Thanks in advance for any insight on this.


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Nico Szegedi

Hi Waleed,

1,5 years ago, I started with the complete Skalarki Desktop Line:



In my opinion, it immediately changes your view on hardware in its core. You never wanna go back. I was lucky to be able to "upgrade" to this last year:



So as a full homecockpit owner, I'm not quite sure if I can help with your fitting issues, but am of course happy to provide detailed pictures of my pedestal and other things if you want to. Just let me know what you need :)

In terms of quality, in my opinion there is nothing beating Skalarki... at least I'm still so happy with it.

Best regards,


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Waleed Nuseibeh

Nico, thanks a lot as I am getting a better idea of how to place everything.

I am sadly unable to go for a "full" setup like you as space is limited, but the first picture shows me the dimensions "live" on a desk and that helps enormously.

I have the TCA side stick and throttle quadrant mounted on my chair (Ikea with monster tech mounts), and so am further back from my desk to accommodate my throttles, but again from your picture it should not be an issue.

Also, I will assume that the home line left pedestal package will need a "booster" to be at a height where I can reach it, having looked at your TQ box.

Still trying to decide whether to get it (modified), or just purchase the modules I need (WXR v2, TCAS, Radio and Audio panels) and put them in a case on the desk instead.

Either way, thanks again for the pictures and enjoy.


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Nico Szegedi
35 minutes ago, Waleed Nuseibeh said:

Also, I will assume that the home line left pedestal package will need a "booster" to be at a height where I can reach it, having looked at your TQ box

For the Desktop Line TQ box, that is definitely true. I used a wooden box to get the TQ box up to the desired height.

If it helps you: My current full pedestal has 38cm height at the lower end (gravity gear extension) and 46,5cm height at the upper end (corner of the MCDU).

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