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True or not

Steve Prowse

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Steve Prowse

Well, I hope that you are all well and keeping safe during this difficult time.  Just a quick follow on from a general post here; it seems that Concorde, and I guess here, the new version is being flown online by FSL staff.  I wouldn't know, since I never fly online ie VATSIM etc.  Simply, is it true or not?

As ever keep well keep safe


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Peng Jia

They have been flying for a long time, but thet don't disclose any news. In addiniton,a few pictures posted,especially the landing gear part ,are covered by darkness, I suspect that some of the modeling has not been complete yet,so I think the current development progress is tht the functions transplanted from the V3 version should be basically completed,and the new functions ,adjustments to the new version and detailed modeling have not been completed.

4 hours ago, Steve Prowse said:

Just a quick follow on from a general post her


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If it is anywhere near flyable then the Team will need to do some extensive flight testing.

Assuming this is the case then it is very good news that progress is being made with the new version.

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Vasco Patricio

I would say yes.

The other day saw 2 concs out of Vancouver.

Messaged one of them, and said something like ''yeah problem is having v3 just for that one'', and he goes ''well I'm on V5''. To which I replied ''huh??'' and he said, ''relax, it will come''...

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