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FSL A320X & A319 EFB will add or not ? Any update

Abhishek Banerjee

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Abhishek Banerjee

Any update regarding FSL A320 & A319 will get any update with EFB or its only avilable for SL model.



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Norman Blackburn


For now the team simply are too busy with other projects to even consider the work required.  

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Abhishek Banerjee

@Norman Blackburn nice to get information about you people doing some other projects. In advance congratulation to your developer team.

But I want to say I am old fan of FSLabs A320X / A319X and we always feel proud that in flight sim community we get such a nice study level A320/A321/A319/A320SL/A321SL addon aircrafts. You released A320SL & A321SL. It is really nice we have added new A320 family memebers. But why ignoring old A320 & A319 upgrade like EFB , I know few old customers,till they love to fly A320X & A319X.

My humble request to you & your team. Just confirmed about A320X & A319X EFB update information.

My question was simple that  A320 & A319 will get any update with EFB or not & this question has one answer either YES or NO.

Lot's of hope with A320X A319X.


Thanks once again to give us such a nice addon aircrafts.


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Ju_li_en Ke_ml_er

They already said it would come to the non SL line at some point. As usual though you wont get any time frame from them, but expect several months  as it was the case with all the new features that came with the release  of the  319 and 321.

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