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An Answer To My Announciators Issue

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Dear Lefteris,

Last week I've bought your driver from your company.

Because I have an announciator's problem with your driver I'm still waiting for an answer as a costumer. :angry:

Like I've mentoined before using FS_COM and proceeding a CPFlight hardware test I have no problems!!! :huh:

I have contacted CPFlight about this but they have told me to ask your support about this issue.

I'm a bit unsure :unsure: about a solution for this issue.

Maybe I've bought your driver in an impulsive mood and I'm considering to ask for a refund.

Like to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,


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Lefteris Kalamaras

Dear Leo-

"Maybe I've bought your driver in an impulsive mood and I'm considering to ask for a refund."

When you first downloaded the CPFlight Driver, did you test that it works FULLY at LGAV, as per the instructions? It is well documented that you should have full functionality in the free version, if you locate your aircraft at LGAV.

It's further documented that, because FSLabs gives its customers the capability to fully test the drivers at LGAV, the responsibility falls on the customer to check and ensure that things work as advertised or described. If you don't like what you see, you are not obligated to pay.

As such, please don't threaten with refunds - you had every chance to ensure things work properly before buying, so FSLabs didn't force you to do something you didn't need to do.


Now, that said:

if you check the 'debug' box in the driver window, what do you observe when you test the SPEEDBRAKES lights in the PMDG product? Are there any debug messages produced? Do the lights flicker and stay ON?

Was CPFlight support able to reproduce your problem on their end with their FSLabs driver copy?

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