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Thrustmaster TCA officer pack and add-on installation guide tips


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Version 1.06 (this version is based on P3Dv5 and FSLabs version A3XX + spotlight

New firmware from Thrustmaster readme below:




Drivers - Package 2021_TFHT_1 + Firmware


Ok guys/girls sharing here the correct installation steps for the Thrustmaster TCA officer pack and add-on for our beloved Airbus.


Correct procedure is for the TCA with the add-on to calibrate all axis the same time :

Temporary disable your virus software during this procedure!

- First uninstall the old driver and reboot your PC,
- Install the latest driver and reboot your PC
- Update the firmware to the latest version and reboot your PC




Latest versions are:

- For the joystick version 1.11 and control panel version 2.06
- For the throttle version 1.69 and control panel version 2.06

Driver download link Thrustmaster:

driver download

Calibration video from the throttle:

calibration video from Thrustmaster

Steps to follow for calibration with the complete TCA set.

Step 1:

Insert the pin to combine the two throttles
disconnect the TCA USB cable
set the throttle to full reverse
press the right black button and plug the USB cable in

Step 2:

push the throttle to full forward
set the spoilers to retracted (RET)
flaps up (0)
push the two red buttons simultaneous and gear handle up and down

Step 3:

set the throttles to mct/flx detent (next one)
spoiler to 1/4

flaps to 1
push the two red buttons simultaneous and gear handle up and down

Step 4:

set the throttles to clb detent
spoiler to 1/2
flaps to 2

push the two red buttons simultaneous and gear handle up and down

Step 5:

set throttles to idle detent
spoiler to 3/4
flaps to 3

push the two red buttons simultaneous and gear handle up and down

Step 6:

set spoiler to full
flaps to full
gear handle up and down

Final step here confirm with pushing the two black buttons on the throttle simultaneous then unplug the USB cable

Plug the USB cable in again...

Check if it looks similar in the control panel.
Move the spoiler and flap and throttles to there full axis range.



Next step is for using your device with the FSLabs menu, is to make sure the following settings are enabled in P3Dv5:



Disable any axis assigned here:



Make sure not one key assignment is added to your TCA devices.

FSLabs input menu can be found at the top add-ons menu part from P3D:



Next step is to open the manual A320X Introduction Guide P3D.pdf page 12 – 14 to configure the detents in the MCDU.

screenshot see manual for instruction to follow:




I attach here below my ini files from the FSLabs airbus for reference.

Ok this post is to help our fellow simmers out there and a repository for tips and tricks for the Thrustmaster TCA add-on in combination with FSLabs airbus

Other solution for not working engine and cranck and other switches is the solution by FSLabs Lefteris to rename the FSL_A320X_Kbd.ini file and to rebuild a new one....


Other post from our fellow simmer Mark with instruction from Thrustmaster to solve the detent issue:



A320FlapLever.ini A320ThrustLevers.ini FSL_A320X_Kbd.ini



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