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How update nav data for A320X

Flow Bloisi

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Flow Bloisi

Hi guys,


I purchased my A320X 4 years ago and now im back with a new computer setup :) I want to fly on IVAO networks so i need the latest nav data.My question is, what tool do you use to update your nav datebase and how to do the upgrade ? 


Thanks a lot :) 


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Koen Meier

You have two options. One is to get a subscription from navigraph which conveniently also works with simbrief to create up to date flightplans. The other is to buy airac updates from aerosoft. Both will have an manager to easily install or update airac data.

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Norman Blackburn
28 minutes ago, Timo Heller said:

On a related note, anyone having problems with the navigraph updater? I need to do a manual installation everytime...

What happens if you do it automatically?  Most likely you entered the wrong details in the addon manager.

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Timo Heller

I had it mapped automatically. I have now reset it to the NavData folder in Documents/P3D/Fslabs. Will see if it works with the next AIRAC

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Norman Blackburn

If it does not work then please look inside the navdata folder for another one nestled inside it.  

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