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The sharklets Premeire!

Sivaram Hariharan

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Lucas Legros

Loved the vid, i’m hyped as hell !

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Michele Benedetti

I'm looking forward to what we see starting from 2:40 minutes into the teaser...:ph34r:

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Andrew Wilson
14 minutes ago, Martin Tornberg said:

The real teaser starts at 2:38. 

Quite right Martin :lol:

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John Price

Ahh chaps this is looking absolutely phenomenal, tremendous work. Like Martin, though, I couldn’t help have my interest extra piqued by the end of the vid. Man that release is going to be exciting.

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2 hours ago, Stephane Anger said:

Guys See this video



I’m so very excited about this now, even more so I just watched that video! Fingers crossed it’s not too long until we get our hands on it! Thanks for posting the video! 

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Koen Meier
7 minutes ago, valson bezerril said:

Awesome plane, wondering how much effort and hard work they did to achieve this level,  one thing is frustrated is P3D lights and scenery,  hope  one day fly it on msfs2020.

a tonne of work over at least 6 years so far from the original development video shared. it might even be longer since we dont have any information public prior to the first videos released. 

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I at least remember their April fool's joke in 2011 or 12 posted on their facebook page. With some kind of MS painted A320 sketch getting ready for take off haha.. The development I think dates back to 2010 or even earlier maybe.

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