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Batteries "dancing"

Dmitrii Ermakov

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Dmitrii Ermakov

Hey all, so today I loaded up the A319 and during normal preflight activities (specifically before doing the battery charging cycle) I noticed this very interesting activity of the batteries. The batteries are constantly either feeding DC BAT or are being fed by it, switching places every second.



Is this something I should be concerned about?

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Dmitrii Ermakov
Just now, Marc Delaloy said:

are you starting the apu at this time?

No, the APU was running, as you can see in the photo APU GEN was AVAIL, but EXT PWR was on

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Riccardo Masia

Look here!


As you can see... quite a known issue. A way to fix this is to turn on fuel pumps AFTER APU start... Haven't verified this yet.

EDIT: Seems like I can verify the above issue now, fuel pumps on after APU start prevents this battery charge dance issue.

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Dave Woycek

The "workaround" (fuel pumps on only after APU start) does not work for me.

It seems to be particularly bad if you start the APU and are on external power at the same time.

Also, there seems to be an issue with charging BAT 1, especially after the first flight in the sim. It constantly connects and disconnects from charging (sometimes after seconds, sometimes after a couple of minutes), and there is the constant clacking sound of the busses.

Not breaking the sim, but pretty annoying nevertheless. I remember this issue has been around for quite a while.

No idea why batteries would constantly discharge and recharge when the aircraft is on external, APU or even engine power.

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