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Screen Set Up // PC Set up


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Hello everyone,


Im trying to build a cockpit with a big, up to 180°  (2-3 projectors)  visual screen;

Does anyone have an idea what the set up should be looking like in terms of my Computer Set up;

My current PC just has 4 HDMI outputs (using 3 for the screens within the FlightDeck) and one projector doing the visual; even thou its not a very good PC (i5 and an old nVidia) Im getting pretty stable and "flyable" results...
Do you recommend getting a PC with a second video card (-> 8 HDMI outputs) or two PCs?

Looking forward your opinions,

Best wishes,


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Lefteris Kalamaras

There are two options.

1) Get a beefy PC with two video cards, one for scenery visuals (Display Port is best) and one for DUs.

2) Get a P3D Pro Plus subscription (as the outright cost is too high IMO - $2499?) and use Multichannel. This works well, apart from ActiveSky which will only run on the single PC (I've not tested a dual solution there).

A third option that I've not explored is WideView.

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