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Sometimes it's the simple things ...

Brad Barns

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Brad Barns

As an Australian, I do most of my flying in Australia, or at least close by (such as New Zealand, Indonesia).  I am therefore used to flying in a warmer climate.

That said, I have recently been flying around Europe and yesterday I did a flight from Heathrow (UK) to Reykjavik (Iceland).

On descent in to Reykjavik's, Keflavík airport, there was plenty of cloud cover and a fair amount of precipitation; perfect icing conditions.  I was reaching for the anti-icing systems when I noticed the ice build up on the windscreen wiper blades.  I realized at this point that I was perhaps a bit late turning on the anti-icing systems. Fair enough, I am not used to flying in these conditions after all. A learning curve for sure. Anyway, a safe landing was had and some experience gained.

But it was the Ice on the wiper blades that stole the show for me.  It's just a simple thing, but, wow, I was impressed.  Nice work FSLabs.


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Rafal Haczek

I couldn't agree with you more, Brad.
For me FSLabs buses are a bag full of such wows.
From systems, through sounds, to attention to details.

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Christopher Allan

But wait, there’s more... :rolleyes:

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