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Thrustmaster Problem No split Throttle

Dominik Fabianowski

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Dominik Fabianowski

Hello Folks!

I install my latest P3Dv5 with all my FSLabs aircraft and I cannot split the throttles. Everytime when I´m using them is both. I can´t move just engine number 1 or 2. How do I split?

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Will Thomas

Within P3D, go into your "Axis Assignments" and select the hardware for your throttle device. There should be an axis assignment for each throttle (1 & 2) and you can assign them accordingly (Left & Right).

Also, make sure you do not have any other connected device for throttle control as this may cause issues as well. I have the Alpha Flight Yoke for any Boeing aircraft I fly but I use my TCA Sidestick the most as I prefer the 'Bus. (I also have profiles saved in P3D: one for Airbus and one for Boeing. I load whichever I am flying as the setup is different.)

Hopefully this will work as well for you as it does for me.

Absolutely love flying the FS Labs Airbuses. I REALLY  HOPE FS Labs will develop an A330 ;)

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