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Riva Tuner Statistics Server and Concorde

Ray Proudfoot

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Ray Proudfoot

I have been using this very useful utility to monitor the performance of my CPU and GPU with the various aircraft and airports in P3D v4. Rather than bring up Task Manager to see the stats this useful utility displays instantaneous readouts which allows me to tweak P3D settings to maximise performance whilst staying at the desired 30fps.

It works with all aircraft I have both in P3D v3 and v4 with one noteable exception - 32-bit Concorde - where the display will not show for reasons unknown. It would be very helpful if it could work with the 64-bit Concorde. I don't know if the developers use it but it is very handy and would, I'm sure, be helpful for tweaking performance once 64-bit Concorde is with us.

For those who haven't see it the stats on show in the attached image are:-

  • GPU Temp and Load %
  • GPU memory used
  • CPU Temp
  • CPU1 Load (the critical first virtual processor takes the brunt)
  • RAM used
  • FPS.

There are lots of other measurements available. It occupies a small area on the main display.

Something to bear in mind please.


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