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Riva Tuner Statistics Server and Concorde

Ray Proudfoot

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Ray Proudfoot

I have been using this very useful utility to monitor the performance of my CPU and GPU with the various aircraft and airports in P3D v4. Rather than bring up Task Manager to see the stats this useful utility displays instantaneous readouts which allows me to tweak P3D settings to maximise performance whilst staying at the desired 30fps.

It works with all aircraft I have both in P3D v3 and v4 with one noteable exception - 32-bit Concorde - where the display will not show for reasons unknown. It would be very helpful if it could work with the 64-bit Concorde. I don't know if the developers use it but it is very handy and would, I'm sure, be helpful for tweaking performance once 64-bit Concorde is with us.

For those who haven't see it the stats on show in the attached image are:-

  • GPU Temp and Load %
  • GPU memory used
  • CPU Temp
  • CPU1 Load (the critical first virtual processor takes the brunt)
  • RAM used
  • FPS.

There are lots of other measurements available. It occupies a small area on the main display.

Something to bear in mind please.


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Ray Proudfoot

Any chance of a reply from @Lefteris Kalamaras or @Andrew Wilsonon this post please? Being able to monitor CPU and especially GPU usage is very useful especially with P3D v5 that uses far more VRAM than previous versions of P3D.

It displays perfectly for all other aircraft both in P3D v3 and v4 but is invisible when Concorde is loaded in v3. Is this some form of conflict that can be fixed with the 64-bit version of Concorde. I know VRAM can be monitored via Task Manager but RTSS is far more user-friendly and delivers extra info.


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Ray Proudfoot
10 minutes ago, Fraser Gale said:

V5 has a VRAM counter built into the “shift-Z” functions.  So far I’ve never gone above 2.4 out of 5.7gb

Thanks Fraser, that’s useful to know. But RTSS shows other info too such as the load % on the GPU and crucially, CPU1 which bears the brunt of the workload in v4. I don’t know if that is spread more evenly across the cores in v5. So RTSS would still be very useful to me and others who use it.

It’s still a mystery why RTSS doesn’t show when Concorde is loaded. I can’t imagine it’s a deliberate action.

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Fraser Gale

My personal opinion (and it is only that) is that you would be better asking the developer of the software you are referencing why it doesn’t work with a certain addon rather than FSLabs.  We can’t expect FSLabs to know why any piece of external software doesn’t work with theirs - it would be different if it were stopping Concorde functioning but it isn’t from what you say. 

I suggest you get v5 before thinking about all the addon things.  Regarding the use of the CPU, different people seem to get different results - I read lots of people saying not to apply the old affinity mask fix because v4 on uses the cores better, but in the end I had to apply it to make v5 flyable even though my CPU wasn’t running at 100%.  

P3d seems to concentrate on using 2 cores for a lot of people so the tip is to move other processes onto other cores using other software.  What I would say is once you have it all setup you shouldn’t need to constantly monitor everything - I find it ruins the flying experience. 

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Ray Proudfoot

I have no idea who has developed RTSS and he wouldn’t be able to load Concorde in what is effectively a dead sim anyway. Asking here seemed logical. Does the Airbus load DLLs like Concorde does? If so and RTSS works then my fears may be unfounded.

Regarding Affinity Mask settings I’ll do some digging to find what’s best. I do have them set for v4 but once set I forget them. Hyperthreading is on and will remain so.

I like to monitor things especially after installing new airports as some can be very demanding in v4 especially with Dynamic Lighting enabled. ORBX LEBB is a killer for the GPU but that’s a combination of the aircraft I’m using plus 4K and DL on. Change any one of them and it’s fine. It all depends on how well airports have been modelled and the aircraft used.

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