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P3Dv4 or 5?

Aaron Brand

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I just need the opinion of some of you guys with older PCs.  My desktop is now 8 years old (I will be building a new one, but in a year and a half when some money I put aside for just that reason matures).  It is an i7-3930K, 16GB RAM, x2 nVidia GTX 670 in SLi, various HDs and SSDs amounting to 1.75TB of harddrive space.

I can run P3Dv4 at moderate settings with the FSL buses and have acceptable performance (I've always been reasonable with my expectations - as long as it looks fluid I do not care what the framerates are).  Should I make the step up to V5, will I notice any improvements on an 8 year old PC with those specs?  Or should I stick with V4 for another year and a half, build the new PC then move to MSFS which woul have matured by then.  I do not mind spending the money on V5 even if it's for a year and a half, I just want acceptable performance from the FSLs.





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David Norfolk

Keep V4 and save the money for your new PC. V5 needs a more powerful pc than V4 does for some reason. Youre not really missing out on anything on v5 at the moment anyway 

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Markus Burkhard


you can't run P3D v5, since your video card does not have enough VRAM. SLI is not supported by P3D v5 so your video memory can't be combined. And even then, a total of 4GB would still not be good enough to run the latest P3D.

Stick to v4 and then upgrade to v5 once you got your new PC.

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Danny Moore

I’m still on P3Dv4.5 and loving it. Everything works and I don’t have to deal with the v5 issues. Once I see what 5.1 has to offer and possible 3080 20gb release will I consider moving over to v5.

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phil highton

Stick with v4 with your current spec, like others have said, you need a more powerful setup for v5, v4. 5 is cool anyway! 

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