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Few LHG Liveries

Florian Wolf

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Florian Wolf

Sure that energy will definitely be save!!

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Hello:)) An overview over all my current liveries: A319: Lufthansa A319 Old Colours Fleet Pack Lufthansa A319 Fleet Pack New Colours (v2) Lufthansa A319 "Lu Livery" D-AILU

Dear flight simmer here in the forums, News might have spread of some gentlemen accusing us of copying the work of some other, very talented painters. I personally was very surprised and als

Our Common Files are up and liveries are following soon:)

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Florian Wolf

Update of the Lufthansa A320 NewColours Pack finished, just waiting to be able to update it should be out in the next days



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Florian Wolf

Our Common Files are up and liveries are following soon:)


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Alexander Polcher
15 hours ago, Florian Wolf said:

Our Common Files are up and liveries are following soon:)


Just to say thank you - those Liveries are beautiful and having in mind the upcoming EDW fleet as well there couldn't be enough appreciation.


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Florian Wolf

Updated the Lufthansa A319 Fleet-Pck to V2:)



@Matei Cojocaru extra for you;)))

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Florian Wolf

Dear flight simmer here in the forums,

News might have spread of some gentlemen accusing us of copying the work of some other, very talented painters.

I personally was very surprised and also saddened by the partly very rude, immature and childish comments which were given to us.

At this moment I’d like to once more clarify that our work, particularly the Custom Paint kit, released by two fellow painters and myself was made completely independent.

It can’t be normal that I and my two fellow painters receive private messages of other painter “punishing” us for in fact doing a great job and trying our best to make flying in the sim
(our hobby besides our other life) more realistic, for free in our spare time.

Especially looking at the facts, and looking at them is, in my opinion very important and substantial to have an ordered discussion would prove that we did not copy anything.
And although I have understanding for people watching out that nobody is copying their work, this has to happen on a fact based argumentation.
It is as if someone would accuse somebody of copying their livery just because they did the same livery which of course looks the same way in real life.

Me personally, I take these rude and immature comments as a confirmation that it looks like we did a very good job because otherwise we would not be getting them.

Continuing on from these events we will be making more liveries,  won’t stop and I furthermore like to personally condemn the attempted character assassination on us.

In closing I’d like to call on those to settle back and concentrate on their own work while respecting the work of others the same way we do that and have always done.
I find that to be vital to ensure that everyone can enjoy this !hobby! and is not under the shadow of some immature and not on facts based disputes.

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Hugo Bicho

There's facts and rumors :




I prefer facts...


Anyways, I've already given too much time and energy for this case, I've made my point. You clearly seem to want to stick to your guns even though the facts clearly show the strong *inspiration* of our kit for creating yours.

I was tempted to copy in my "early days", I quickly gave up on this option as I soon realised that it would lead to nothing and would not teach me much.

Let's stop all that here, continue on this path, come what may.

End of the day, it's a hobby we all share, let's not spoil it with this kind of conflicts...


Hugo B.

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Florian Wolf

Hi Hugo,

thank for your message and showing us your concerns.
I'm afraid that I can not exactly answer your question, however @Gregory Verba will surely be able to answer this, since he was responsible for that part.

The rest of the texture is directly posed from pictures I did by myself at the airport from a Lufthansa aircraft being parked there. I also sent Gregory the pictrures of the front part of the pylon, the one that you are refering too.

I just downloaded your kit and I'd like to point out that from just looking at your texture in PS there are severeal differences and it's a fact that we did a 4k texture, whereas yours is 1024x1024.

If that still isn't enough here are some other very convincing facts:

I was a bit involved in doing the front part of what you are referig to in the first picture and I'd like to show you some pictures of our progress and why e.g. we left out the front white part like it is on the real aircraft since the FSL way of texturing looks worse than just letting it out completely in our opinion.



Well to conclude this shows we didn't copy a thing and even made a higher resolution texture and we carefully looked at details and discussed things so I see no real arguments backing up your "facts" that you've presented to us here.

And maybe as a polite reminder, this is still the exact same aircraft that we're both talking about and considering this, these two looks very different.

Best regards,


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