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Few LHG Liveries

Florian Wolf

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On 11/7/2020 at 1:20 PM, Marvin Toepfer said:

sure :) just saying because you forgot it on the AGWO

Ah I now get what you mean lol. 

Thought you meant adding dirt to the lower fuselage itself but you meant the paint and the purple continuing down the belly. 

So in that case I'm really sorry but I probably won't be doing that. 

I mean that just for you to understand, the process of aligning everything and also having the colour placed like they are in reality took me around 11h maybe a little bit less but something around 11 hours. So you might get a glimps of what extra amount of time I would have to spend just on that. And if I am really honest I just haven't ever looked at the airplane from this view. And even if I would, there are a LOT of other things that would disturb me more than that, for example the missing of a grey edging around the cockpit windows^^


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So unfortunately I've stopped working on the Lu livery since it's not possible to draw the illustration from the photos available. 

The main problem is that it's a 2d Illustration but all photos on the rounded fuselage distort it so it is very hard to impossible to recreate the illustration so that it'll fit correctly onto the fuselage. 

However if you have any skizzes or illustrations of that Lu for whatever reason:D I'd be very pleased if you could send them to me via pm:)

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Updated D-AGWO and the wing tip fences finally having the EW colours on it.

I also updated my 320 Pack since there were some issues with the metallic texture. I also took the time to improve other things and bring it up to my current "standart".

And D-AILP also got an small update since I somehow forgot an engine detail which comes with the EIS1 aircrafts.

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1 hour ago, Patrick Muehlmann said:

hello everybody.
I'm not sure, but am I the only one who has the problem with the AGWO
The rear part of the machine has a faulty texture!

Greetings Pat

DAGWO Fail.jpg

Hi Pat, 

that does indeed look a bit weird. 

I have flown AGWO in v4 also with DynL without any problems. You might want to delete the texture folder and just re-download it and then try. I'll have a look at it tmrw if that won't help. 

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Patrick Muehlmann

so I have already deleted the AGWO and installed the new one.

But the error remains!
I use P3Dv5.1 with the hotfix !

I also noticed that the emergency exit markings on the tag bottles are broken !
And the WiFi sticker on the door 1 L is missing.

Greetings, Pat


i have attached the wingtexture of an old RePaint to you ...


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Patrick Muehlmann
36 minutes ago, Florian Wolf said:

@Patrick MuehlmannI downloaded AGWO myself through the forums and installed it.

Upon loading it into the sim I had no issues, are u using v4 or v5?


oh ok !!! 
i use P3Dv5.1 / newest Version.

and i deleted the shaders Folder


36 minutes ago, Florian Wolf said:


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That's really weird. 

I also saw some pictures of my livery in v5 with the new update of my livery working fine. I don't really know how to help you with this one since I'm not using v5 and haven't got any real points to hold on to get to the origin of the problem.


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As my current metallic textures seem to not work with v5 Hf1 (for whatever reason) it is important that you delete the following files from your livery texture folder:






After doing that you should be fine and I'll make sure to fix the issue asap. 

@Benjamin Moeller

@Patrick Muehlmann

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Besides the complete overhaul of all paints the Pack also features my newly made custom windows.



You can grab it here:



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47 minutes ago, Patrick Hildebrand said:

How about D–AIZH? 

I was planning to do the D-AIUA for the sharks so D-AIZH shouldn't be a lot more work to do. 

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7 minutes ago, Tim Nitz said:

You really nailed the weathered textures! 

Thank you! Caused me a lot of headaches:lol: but I'm quite satisfied by the outcome. 

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1 hour ago, Florian Wolf said:

Pretty much finished, I'll take her out for FRA-CDG-FRA-ARN tomorrow to see if anything is missing and if not it'll be yours soon^^


That's photo realistic right there! Incredible! 
And I love those older LHs, really awesome work! Can't wait.... 

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22 minutes ago, Stu Antonio said:

That's photo realistic right there! Incredible! 
And I love those older LHs, really awesome work! Can't wait.... 

Yup after looking at the livery for some time I somehow miss the older colours of LH a bit.

They just have something the new livery doesn't. 

But thanks a lot @Stu Antonioand @Rafal Haczek:))

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Working on the only old colour CityLine A319, while trying to improve the looks of the cabin just a bit.
Nothing major as you can see but the yellow headrests of the default FSL were annoying to see through the windows from the outside.



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