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Few LHG Liveries

Florian Wolf

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Florian Wolf
On 11/7/2020 at 1:20 PM, Marvin Toepfer said:

sure :) just saying because you forgot it on the AGWO

Ah I now get what you mean lol. 

Thought you meant adding dirt to the lower fuselage itself but you meant the paint and the purple continuing down the belly. 

So in that case I'm really sorry but I probably won't be doing that. 

I mean that just for you to understand, the process of aligning everything and also having the colour placed like they are in reality took me around 11h maybe a little bit less but something around 11 hours. So you might get a glimps of what extra amount of time I would have to spend just on that. And if I am really honest I just haven't ever looked at the airplane from this view. And even if I would, there are a LOT of other things that would disturb me more than that, for example the missing of a grey edging around the cockpit windows^^


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Marvin Toepfer

No worries :) I know what you mean with the aligning...I can offer you to copy it from my paint and maybe just adjust it a little. You're welcome to do so :)

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Florian Wolf

Uhh I'll get there, eventually, but thank you:) 

I also thini that we used different colours so yeah


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Florian Wolf

So unfortunately I've stopped working on the Lu livery since it's not possible to draw the illustration from the photos available. 

The main problem is that it's a 2d Illustration but all photos on the rounded fuselage distort it so it is very hard to impossible to recreate the illustration so that it'll fit correctly onto the fuselage. 

However if you have any skizzes or illustrations of that Lu for whatever reason:D I'd be very pleased if you could send them to me via pm:)

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Florian Wolf

Updated D-AGWO and the wing tip fences finally having the EW colours on it.

I also updated my 320 Pack since there were some issues with the metallic texture. I also took the time to improve other things and bring it up to my current "standart".

And D-AILP also got an small update since I somehow forgot an engine detail which comes with the EIS1 aircrafts.

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