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Aircraft/Simbrief Weight Sync Guide

Stu Antonio

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Stu Antonio

Hi guys,

so because I've recently had several discussions and questions about this, I thought I might put together a little guide on how I set up the aircraft and simbrief to have all weights and figures synced. 

This is just my approach, how I personally like to do it and there might be several other ways to do this. But I like to have my numbers right, I always load specific passenger- and baggage numbers (I don't just enter a ZFW) and I really enjoy when it all adds up in the end. So maybe this is helpful for anyone, or maybe it's useless, but I thought I could share it anyway. :)

If you spot any major errors or mistakes, please let me know so I can correct (and/or learn).





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Stu Antonio
Just now, Abhishek Banerjee said:

can you share same simbrief file for A319? Thanks

The principle is the same for all three aircraft. It‘s just a guide for setting up the aircraft and simbrief weights, there is no „simbrief file“. 

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