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What is this - alien fire or?

Søren Rasmussen

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Søren Rasmussen

Was on a night flight from KDEN to KDFW - closing up on waypoint VKTRY (start of STAR VKTRY2 into KDFW runway 18L) I saw this strange pattern of light dots (either vertical or horizontal - hard to tell).

Anybody experienced a similar issues?

I have ORBX Global Base pack, Global Trees HD, Global Vector and Global OpenLCNorthAmerica installed.

And it is P3D V5 with latest A320 v5.0.1.105.


fslabs a320_1.jpg

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Søren Rasmussen
13 hours ago, Nuno M Pinto said:

I'd move the time preview slider to "day"

I did try, but could see nothing explaining the phenomena.

Will report the issue in the Orbx support forum to see if they have a solution/suggestion. Probably also try the P3D forum.

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Søren Rasmussen

I raised the issue in the Orbx Forum, and got the same solution here, but renaming the file to something else than BGL also remove towers and other stuff.

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