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.105 Simbrief/PFPX Cross-Compatibility

J0hannes Butz

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J0hannes Butz

I'm a PFPX user and tested the new Simbrief integration with an old AIRAC (1909) while I'm waiting for NavDataPro to come to Simbrief soon™.

Today I flew MUC-BIO and back, first leg with Simbrief, second with PFPX in a single sim session. The Simbrief init went flawless, everything worked as intended.

At BIO I've put in my new flight number in the AOC Init page for my leg back to MUC, which upon entry got replaced by the MUC-BIO flight number as well as all the other data (OFP etc.). After hitting "CLR" and LSK1 and putting in my new flight number "DLH31A" the flight number got displayed as "LHDLH09K" which is a screw-up of my first leg that I had used Simbrief for.

The AOC Uplink through PFPX stopped working after I installed the .105 version with my Simbrief account linked, no difference in todays program. I then needed to manually put in the figures into the next pages after init as well as put in the OFP by hand (not that I'm not capable of it but in a quick turn-around situation the uplink comes in very handy).

This behaviour on the AOC INIT page is present since I dispatched a flight for test purposes. I can't really use the A320 with PFPX any more since I tested Simbrief once.

Is there any way to make my A320 cross-compatible with PFPX and Simbrief? Or maybe there's a way to revert back to the "usual" behaviour as it was before the .105 update?

Any help is highly appreciated!

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