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Event IDs and Variables (Autopilot)

James Thomson

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James Thomson

Hello all.

This is a plea for a bit of assistance, if some kind person could help, please.

Here's the problem.

I'm trying to create a few handy little instruments using lua in Air Manager for use with Concorde-X.

But I can't get them to work for want of the right Event IDs and Variables. I've tried every one that looks right for the controls (in square brackets below), but nothing so far has worked at all.

The ones I am interested in are autopilot controls, in particular:

Nav Radio dial (captain) [AP_NAV_SELECT_SET:1]

Nav Radio dial (FO) [AP_NAV_SELECT_SET:2]

Autothrottle speed [AP_SPD_VAR_DEC, AP_SPD_VAR_INC]

HDG/TRK (captain) (pull/push) [HEADING_BUG_DEC, HEADING_BUG_INC]


VOR LOC (captain) [VOR1_SET]


Altitude selector [AP_ALT_VAR_DEC, AP_ALT_VAR_INC]


Any help, or best of all the required Events/Variables, would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks very much.

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