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Flight plan directory folder

Allan RG Kidd

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Allan RG Kidd

Unfortunately my copy of PFPX stopped functioning.

I have 3 monitors and I received the following response to my post to them - they seem to have no interest in solving the issue:

FlightSimSoft.com | Judith Blaschegg (FlightSimSoft.com)

Jul 16, 2020, 10:28 PM GMT+2

Do you run PFPX on a second monitor? Unfortunately - a few users only - reported freezing/hanging with second monitor usage.


FS-FlightControl has a setting to to configure a "Path to FsLabs Folder" which can be used to export a flight plan from FS-FlightControl - I had thought this meant there was a flight plan folder.

I can see various folders on my computer with names related to FSLabs - any idea which folder I should enter?

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Allan RG Kidd

I have worked out the folder FS_FlightControl wants - it is c:\users\Allan\Documents\Prepare3D v5 Add-ons\FSLabs

Exporting a flight plan automatically loads into the A320.

If anyone has any thoughts on PFPX I would like to hear them. When I disconnect 2 of my monitors, the application works .....

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Matt Crick
On 8/27/2020 at 2:54 AM, Allan RG Kidd said:

If anyone has any thoughts on PFPX I would like to hear them. When I disconnect 2 of my monitors, the application works .....

PFPX freezes on a 2nd screen for me also. Seems to be a commonly reported bug on the AS forums.

So long as I work on PFPX (2.03) on my primary monitor, and then close it down without moving it to another screen, it's fine. You can have 2 screens active, just don't drag PFPX over onto the 2nd monitor...ever. If you do, it'll freeze when doing certain things within the application. You'll have to kill it off with task manager, physically turn the 2nd screen off, launch PFPX again which will force it to run on the primary display. Close the application down immediately, and even if you turn the 2nd screen on, it should still launch on the primary when you next open PFPX

I don't really need PFPX anyway after I've planned the flight, exported the CFP, and all the various files for the sim/aircraft.

It's annoying for sure, but not a complete show-stopper.

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Allan RG Kidd

With my hardware - if I just turn off the power to the other 2 monitors PFPX still transfers to a side monitor and hangs. I have to physically unplug the other 2 just leaving my main functioning. I have been unable to get the software to stay on my main screen.

Yes - not a show stopper but I would have thought that the issue would have been solvable by the developer!

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Norman Blackburn

Ive no idea what zou guzs are doing but i use PFPX in a multi monitor situation wih PFPX on the 2nd monitor without issue.

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