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The MSFS 2020 Thread


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I know that there are tons of threads about MSFS 2020 in the www out there, but I thought to open a new topic about the new sim for us Concorde lovers.

I have had my first flight with the sim today, and here are my initial impressions:

- The graphics are undoubtedly great!  The houses/trees are in the right proportions, and the lighting is absolutely real and just feels so right.
- I flew on High-End mode, and then briefly on Ultra. I didn't measure the FPS, but it felt smooth enough. Note that I flew with a Cessna 152 above a not-so-busy area.
- The cockpit quality is very good for a default airplane, which exceeds some of those available as add-ons to other sims.
- The controls... Well, Ramon Cutanda was right about them in another thread. It can be a pain to configure the controls, which made me question why did Asobo/MS ditch the old FSX control system?  It worked mostly well, and all of us have become accustomed to it. Ditching the old FSX code is a welcome move in the graphics sector, but some things - like the controls - would be better kept from previous sims. The excessive control sensitivity is another problem a lot of users have reported. FSX/P3D allow more flexibility here and provide better handling. As far as controls, pressing the P button doesn't pause the sim; and I wanted to access the menu by pressing Alt, but no chance - you need to press ESC. This is a little annoying.

I think I will use MSFS 2020 exclusively as a VFR sim. While the option to fly above your house is very appealing, you would have a hard time finding YOUR house from air without using some online map - at least if you live in a city. But even if you want to see your house, it won't be a 1:1 replica due to the Azure building algorithm. Sometimes, I felt like the houses/trees looked a little artificial. I haven't even tried to perform an IFR flight, because a lot of aspects like flight planner, ATC, fidelity of heavy jets and AI traffic lack quality for me. When I use P3D v3 with ORBX add-ons and some others (MyTraffic, Active Sky, Envtex, Little Navmap, etc.), I feel like I have a complete and proven toolset for serious flight planning and execution. I may not see my house, but from a higher altitude you can hardly see it anyway, especially if you are busy flying a jet. As such, I will definitely keep P3D v3 for IFR flights and of course for Concorde!

Here are my specs:

CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600X
GPU Nvidia GTX 1660 Super (6GB VRAM)
16 GB Ram

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