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FSL A320 v5 sim freezes every minute


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Hello there, 


i´ve been waiting and looking forward to fly FSL 320 on Prepar V5 but i came to sort of a problem. So far i had the QW787 and PMDG 747 installed on v5 and never had an issue. The problem is that whenever i fly 320, Prepar just freezes every minute for about 5-10 seconds. I understand that its more complex than those two other addons but i dont think that my rig is not cappable of running it smootly. Iˇve got very nice fps inside vc and outside as well at about 35-50 but the freezes are still there. 


my specs are



16gb RAM


i have not maxed out my settings inside Prepar 3D as it makes not big of a change how the sim looks.


Please let me know if there is anything i can try out or change.



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