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Cannot start Spotlight Manager P3dV5 HF1 Spotlight V5.0.0.1

Stefan Liebe

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Stefan Liebe

Hi all ,
I have installed the new Spotlight for P3d V5. Thanks to the FSlabs team for releasing it.
When I'm in P3d V5 I can see FSLabs_Spotlights in the menu bar under Add-ons and can choose *Disable or *Enable. But I don't see the small icon in the left corner to call the Spotlight Manger and it doesn't start maximized when I call the plane for the first time.
What have I done wrong or where do I need to change something?
Thanks a lot Stefan

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Lefteris Kalamaras
34 minutes ago, Stefan Liebe said:

What have I done wrong or where do I need to change something?

You have done nothing wrong, but do check my post again - I quote:

"Also note that, due to Prepar3D v5 now using DirectX12, there is no UI control window inside P3D to control the spotlights brightness at this time - we are releasing this mostly in anticipation of the upcoming A320-X update for Prepar3D v5. However, we will work towards adding a user interface for Spotlights v5 in an upcoming update, so please stay tuned. "

So, for now, this is not there. We will add it hopefully in the future, but Spotlights v5 is made available primarily for the A32X series (for now) due to DX12 changes.

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