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Spotlights P3D v5+

Alexey Klyuchko

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Koen Meier
35 minutes ago, Alexey Klyuchko said:

Hello. Is there an adaptation planned for P3D v5?

i think we can expect a new version when they release their products for v5.

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Lefteris Kalamaras

Yep - it's planned, however due to the switch to DX12, there is no front end User Interface to control the lights in-sim at the moment. As such, the first version will only support the A320-X family for now. We're working on many things simultaneously at this time so this has to wait a little bit longer...

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Hendrik Herryjanto
3 hours ago, Marco Rivera said:

So I noticed there is no icon in P3D cockpit once spotlight is loaded? will there be a fix for this? 

It is explained there.

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Manuel Zarate

So can this be used at all? Is the the missing UI only for creating/editing new presets or theres no UI for switching on/off preconfigured lights either?

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Lefteris Kalamaras

For now, we don't support an in-sim User Window to control the lights as the underlying technology changed (from DX11 in P3Dv4 to DX12 in P3Dv5) and thus requires extensive rework to add something similar.

It's a matter of time / developer resource allocations unfortunately.

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