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A thankyou.

David Norfolk

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Kristian A. Demian


My sincere thanks for delivering an amazing aircraft to the market. 

I flew the 321 this afternoon on a ferry flight from Hobart to Melbourne and it performed amazingly - every detail perfect, including the flare technique needed for an empty 321. 

I trust you will have an enjoyable Christmas break with your families. 

Again, thank you. 


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david roch

Σας ευχαριστώ με όλη την καρδιά μου και τα χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα!
A warm thanks to FSLabs team... and to Google translate! :)
Merry Christmas/ Happy Hanuka/ Nice holidays to all!

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Randall Coultas

“Thank you” to everyone involved with the development of this beautiful aircraft.  I’m such a huge FSLabs fan. Really amazing attention to detail!  The PBR just changes the whole look of the sim for the better.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays  to your entire team!

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Robert Stephan

All the Best Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for this wonderful aircrafts !!:wub::)

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thank you so much also from my own side for the christmas gift and for all of your enthusiastic work over the past three years.

I am really looking forward to fly you birds - the new and the old ones :-)

For you and your families I wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays,



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Paul Parkin

This aircraft is absolutely amazing! I've flown EGPH - EGLL - EPWA and had a blast. I had some issues with the weather on approach to Okecie which initiated a go-around but I landed relatively successfully!

I just need to perfect my landing technique, I'm floating it them it's dropping as the thrust dies off from the IAE engines. I tend to find CFM-engined Airbus aircraft easier to land.

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Chris Frasure
Going to kill them personally one by one . They know who they are and what they did .

I had to be one. I was setting up a flight and checked the FSLabs page and it wasn’t there. Then I refreshed actually on accident and poof! Purchased in 30 seconds and it downloaded almost instantly. Lol

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Danny Moore

All I can say is FSLabs took the Airbus to a whole new level. Myself and another pilot were testing CPDLC with New York Center and we were just blown away. He was able to give us a "direct to" in the system and once we acknowledge it, it repopulated our MCDU and all we had to do was insert.  We were like WHAT, hahahaha. You guys have taken the immersion to a whole new level. Thanks again for leading the way.

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Phil Tereny
3 minutes ago, Rob Meier said:

Why would any Flight Simmer want to fly any other PAX plane???

Because the FSLabs A330-X is going to be even more better than the A321, at least I think so.:D

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Christoph Sebek

Can only join this bandwagon - a HUGE thank you to FSL and the entire team. ^_^

Currently climbing ouf ot Heathrow, which gives absolutely no joy to any flight simmer due to the low frames on hand, but the A321 immersion made up for it.

The sounds on takeoff roll and climb out, just brilliant. And new PBR effects are rock solid too. Just magic. :wub:

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Pat Brooks

Been flying Boeing a/c for years even though I had both the FSL a319 and a320 sitting in the hangar.

When the a321 came out, I decided to ditch Boeing and get on-board the Airbus wagon and learn how to fly this fabulous bird.

It was a great decision too.

I have been learning how to fly this baby for the last 5+ days.


So much to learn. :rolleyes:


Great job FSL and a BZ (thank you) to the entire team.



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