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FSX [Resolved] aircraft.cfg not saving / Multiple entries with the same name

Jamie Boreham

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Jamie Boreham

Hi all

I wonder if you can help me solve an issue I have with my FSX A320 installation. I recently updated to the latest version after a while of not flying. 

After the installation, when I load up FSX I get a warning about multiple entries in the FSLabs A320X IAE aircraft.cfg. To resolve it, I've edited the .cfg so that each line with the A320 X includes the aircraft registration. I save the file, reopen it to check the settings are saved (and they are), then close it.

When I restart FSX and go to select an aircraft I get the same error message. When I close FSX and check the aircraft.cfg file again, I see that it's removed the changes I verified were there before I restarted FSX! I can't really work out why that's happening - can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I've attached the two aircraft.cfg files - the first is after I quit FSX to find my changes missing and the second is when I've made the changes.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jamie Boreham

aircraft.cfg aircraft1.cfg

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Norman Blackburn

Hi Jamie,

Please don't give yourself heartache :)

There is no need to be editing your aircraft.cfg - your adding things will be the very reason you are getting duplicates.

In each of the livery folders make sure that a text file called fltsim.cfg is there.  It might look something like this (it can be less, it can be more).

texture=EZYn G-EZTA
ui_variation=Easyjet (new colors) (G-EZTA)

Thats it! Just run the sim and let it work its magic :) 

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Jamie Boreham

Thank you Norman! To stop the warning message, should I replace the aircraft.cfg file in the main Sim Object > FSLABS A320 IAE folder?

At the moment, I can't select many of my variants in the choose aircraft menu because of the duplication issue... :)

Thanks again!


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Jamie Boreham
On 11/18/2019 at 9:39 PM, Norman Blackburn said:



Delete fslabs folder


Perfect - took a couple of goes but now it's working without the errors! Thank you Norman, really appreciate your help with that :)

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