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A320X more FPS ?!

Matthias Langer

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Matthias Langer

Hi Community. I hhab a problem with my FPS in the FsLabs 320 in the air. Am I on the ground for example LOWW I have 30 FPS, so I locked  too. As soon as I'm on the Rwy and give push the FPS go down to 20-25. How can I fix that, thank you in advance. 



i7 7700k 

GTX 1070 8 GB VRAm

P3D is on an 1TB SSD

16GB DDR4 Ram







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Alessandro Dallago

There's a thread somewhere back about locking your frame rates to a fraction of your screen refresh rate.

Its not about frame rates, it's about frame time.

If I wasn't on my phone id be able to find it, but keep in mind that frametime will give you the feeling of smoothness

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Koen Meier
Just now, Matthias Langer said:

Got the problem


why not share it so that others may learn from it in there search to get a bit more fps.

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Matthias Langer
5 hours ago, Lukas Leccese said:

I see. And what was the reason for the low fps? Antialiasing? LOD radius? Or perhaps cloud draw distance?

I do not know exactly what happened all at once.  I will not answer this thread anymore


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Stu Antonio
8 minutes ago, Matthias Langer said:

 I will not answer this thread anymore


You know, the people here were trying to help you.... 

Good luck next time you seek community support.

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