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PMDG NG -800/WL (Update now 600/700/900*)

David Murden

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*UPDATE 19th Jan 2019, Thanks to joherszch who has change the Z value so my Spotlight for the 800/800WL, now works with the 600/700/900 no small feat with all the lights I used. Credits and thanks to him for that work. Just scroll down the page to find them.*

EDIT: This guild is a copy from my 747-8F Tutorial guild to install and use FSLSpotlight.

NOTE: The folder shown in the picture below is the 748=8F folder

 You need to add the 800WL ini, in the folder /simobjects/Airplanes/ PMDG 800WL


I thought I would also first do a guild for people who have not got FSL Spotlight installed. Let's get started.

First go here and download the free to use FSL Spotlight 


It's like any program, just install it like you would anything else.

You will now be able to use it on any aircraft you have installed within P3Dv4. Pls, note you don't need to use it with FSL A320-A319 as its built in.

You will see within P3D in the bottom left corner of your screen a very small arrow in a box, please note this does not show if you take screenshots. 


When you load the 800 within the sim, click on the arrow. You will now see the control panel.


As you can see in the first screenshot above you just click on the "Active" below the title for the light you wish to use. 

Tip# When you open it you cannot see the controls to darken or brighten the lights. Look for the little white line I've marked with the red arrow, mouse over it and drag it left to look like the second image.

Now when you mouse over the "brightness line you can see (picture 3) a "-" "+" and a "DOT" the number on the brightness line is the amount it's set to (0-100) You can click the "-" or "+" to change the level or.........mouse over the "DOT" hold down your left mouse button and you can drag a red line out. Now you can "drag" the brightness by moving your mouse. the two grey lines you see are the range you can use (0-100).

To use my FSL Spotlight PMDG 800WL ini, you will have to download the profile at the bottom of the page and drop it within your PMDG/Airplanes/PMDG 800WL aircraft folder. Same as below but the NG ofc.


That's it!


Now to the profile.

After learning from making lights for the PMDG -8F, I thought I would push myself as far as I could and doing so I ended up using 57 out of 58 light available to me.

I please ask you to take this journey with me as I think it will make what you get even more rewarding to use.

I cannot post the photo I used as a reference but after asking the mods over at AVSIM they tell me it's perfectly ok to post a link. (I hope this is still ok here FLS guys?)

Before you open the photo, I chose it because of the wow factor it brings, the photo highlights (whites) are a bit overblown so you won't get that unless you turned the thing up too much.

This time all the lights are going to have a Kelvin and a lot of different ones to blend.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/446853/ph-tfb-arke-arkefly-boeing-737-800/    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

First, zoom in on the MCP and let's talk about the MCP, look very carefully at it. You will note.

The two outer panels have a light above them at first I thought it was the underside of the panel above being lit up, no it's the recess in the gap that the lights show up.

Next look at the bottom row of switches, all in the dark but look were both end panels meet and just before they do the light reaches just to the bottom.

Note on both outer panels the light bloom that's also responsible for the recesses being lit. 

Lastly look at the VNAV button for some reason this button is in the dark. So the challenge to myself was set, and here is the result. I used 26 lights to make this, ouch!


Now please open and look at the photo again. This time the whole photo.

After studying this, the things that jump out but of course are so natural are the following.

The light is generated from the panel lights are illuminating the back of the yokes.

The splash lighting onto the FMC and at the same time, the bottom the ND's frame is almost in the dark.

The FMC's generating a blue glow that hits the panel above them.

Can I make ambient lighting? and can I try to make the FMC glow? I love a challenge. After another 25 lights and half of them being the blue glow, I did my best. 

This is trying to match the photo as best as I could.


From the Captain's seat.


Lastly, for the main panel lighting just a view I love.



Now for the easy bits......lol

The Radio panel spotlight.



A close-up.



Reading Lights



Lastly and I have no idea why I could not make the Dome lights as I wished the overhead panel switches that should give deep shadows of the switches don't give any shadows it must be the way PMDG make the panel if you know a why please enlighten me.

So lastly just two screenshots of the Dome lights.

From the Captain's seat.



The overhead panel.



That's it I hope you enjoy it?

Glad to share with you my work.





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Ifikratis Kamenidis

Amazing job Dave. Thank you so much for your time and for providing your work to us! The difference from the original flood lights is phenomenal and a nice demonstration of what FSL spotlights can do. I also want to thank FSL for providing this incredible tool as a freeware to the community :)

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2 hours ago, S_r_d_a_n K_o_s_t_i_c said:

Yes, that's what I was afraid of. To turn the lights on and off, you have to use the Spotlights CP. You aren't using the VC-knobs. Immersion-killer. It's a trade-off in the end.

Personally i think the default panel lighting is much more of an Immersion-killer, its stopped me from flying the NG for years at Dawn/dusk and night. Now that not just a "Immersion-killer" for me it made the aircraft INOP for anything other than daytime..

Default Radio panel with default panel lighting. Enlarge that and see it in its full glory! That's an "Immersion-killer" :) 



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I've just done a flight and I have change it.

I've now made the FMC glow a stand alone light. No longer ties to the main panel lights.

The file in the OP has been updated.


PS: Am so happy with the NG am going to re do the -8 to the same standard. 

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Stephen Crayton

Can someone please tell me where to fond the instructions manual on how to make a profile? I installed David's 737-800WL profile in the 737-700WL, but it does not work. I assume there is a light locations setting that needs to be modified. Works wonderful in the 737-800WL. Great job my friend....



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David Murden

I will not work in the 700 hence the title 800WL, the 700's cockpit is in a different location. You will find what you're looking for by simply looks at the documents that came with Spotlights.

I have no plans at all to make a 700 version, sorry. Happy you're enjoying the 800 version. Thank you.


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15 hours ago, joherszch said:

I have adjusted Nyxx's 800 profile to fit the rest of the variants (600/700/900) since it was just a matter of change the Z value, @David Murden is this something that I can share and give you credit for?

Ofc you can, thank you for your work and the credit is respectful and appreciated. As you can probably see how much work went into this.

It might be a good idea to even add a reply here so there under the same theme and then I could change the title.

Do what you think is best joherszch.

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10 hours ago, joherszch said:

Thank you very much David!

I have attached the config files for the rest of the variants (600/700/900) below. Credit goes to @David Murden for making the amazing profile for the 800 variant.

FSLSpotLights 600.ini

FSLSpotLights 700.ini

FSLSpotLights 900.ini


Thank you very much indeed! Been hoping for a 700 version.

Looks great too!





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On 1/19/2019 at 10:42 PM, joherszch said:

Thank you very much David!

I have attached the config files for the rest of the variants (600/700/900) below. Credit goes to @David Murden for making the amazing profile for the 800 variant.

FSLSpotLights 600.ini

FSLSpotLights 700.ini

FSLSpotLights 900.ini

Just a Note once you have DL these rename them to delete the 600/700/900, so you end up with "FSLSpotLights" only, then drop them into the right folder.

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On 10/29/2019 at 3:56 AM, mark niebauer said:

These are fantastic! Do you have any for the Aerosoft Airbus 320?

Go direct to jail, do not pass go and do not collect £200. (monopoly joke)

Or in a word "No" will never happen :) 

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6 hours ago, David Murden said:

Go direct to jail, do not pass go and do not collect £200. (monopoly joke)

As someone who used to play monopoly a lot, I laughed way to hard at this! Thank you! :lol:

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